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Call it vintage, or the classic scheme, but at the end of a visit to Fellow Barber’s Mission location, you’ll no doubt leave inspired. The shop’s noticeable attention to detail have been sourced and carried over from their east coast locations and have officially found a home in the Bay area.

And much like their other spots, the art of barbering is on the level of hot towels to top off that fresh shave feel and complimentary neck massages to ease you back into your day. Small touches like an antique sink, where your complimentary hair wash is taken care of, and scalp massages with lavender oil are always on deck.

It’s not often you find a blend of the classic barbershop feel [shaving cream dispensers, hot towel shave distressed wood and metal fixtures] and modern accents [online appointments, young and old barbers, a spectrum of cuts. Fellow Barber’s spot in the Mission District accomplishes just that.

This shop is for you if:

  • You need a quick cut by skilled barbers
  • You’re ready to upgrade your grooming standards
  • Trends and a good vibe are more your speed