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In 1996, Ask Jeeves was created, the Bulls won the another championship and Anderton’s Barbershop opened its doors on Charlotte’s west side.

Anderton’s is an institution that has deep roots in the Charlotte community. In the 20 years they have been open, they have cut generations of men, from grandfathers down to grandsons. This is what you think of when you think old shop. They don’t play hip-hop with cursing in it, inappropriate language can get you thrown out and they really get into discussions of sports, politics and culture. Don’t worry, all the barbers aren’t ancient and out of the loop, in fact most hover between 28-45. The difference however is the shop’s devotion to the image of the black community and how they influence the youth.

“The youth is important,” Rod, barber, explained. “If we mislead them then the generation is going to go down.”

The shop has 10 chairs, all that feature washing stations built in. Washes are complimentary for returning customers to encourage loyalty and strength of craft through repetition. hat strength of craft is what brings the shop so many high-profile clients. They have cut most of the Charlotte Hornets for years plus little stars like Master P, Steph Curry and Patrick Ewing. No big deal, right?

If you do decide to stop by, be careful, they are closed by 7:00 p.m. everyday, and if you’re not careful you just may miss them.

This shop is for you if

  • You believe that urban support is important
  • You would rather an older shop with some character
  • You don’t like being at the shop late at night
  • You want a place to take your whole family for a cut