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You’re probably wondering why there is a shop in Charlotte called Boston’s Finest, or you’re a Patriots fan.

Either way, Boston’s Finest, 30 Concord Commons Place, is a gentlemen’s lounge that you will feel comfortable in. The entire space is filled with recessed lighting and warm earth tones.When the TV is on, it’s only purpose is to play music: jazz and neo-soul. The chairs are cozy and you have enough space to kick your feet out without worry about hitting anyone else.

Store owner, Boston, designed it this way to let customer’s know he is providing them a service first and foremost. “Clients know the difference when you are trying to get their money and when I am actually trying to take care of them.”

Their difference shows up clearly in the cleanliness of the shop. Not only are all the barber stations pristine but Boston insists on having hand wash stations around the room so that his barbers wash their hands between cuts.

His mantra centers around the fact that his customers can choose from any number of barbers because there are so many shops in Charlotte. “Charlotte barbers, nothing really signifies or makes them so much different,” so why not give A1 service?

“I want my new customer to have a sense of comfortability,” he explained. “I want them to feel completion, that they pay for what they’ve got.”

This shop is for you if

  • You want a quieter shop that isn’t tiny
  • You like a spa feel
  • You want to take a drive out of the city