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When No Grease! Barbershop opened in Charlotte, North Carolina 1997, twin brothers and Buffalo, NY natives, Damian and Jermaine Johnson, knew they had bigger dreams than simply owning one location. Within 4 years they’d already opened their second location. Now nearly 20 years later, with four locations under their belt and a successful barbering school, they’ve set their sights on conquering all of Charlotte.

The Exclusive location is designed feel like a gentleman’s hang out, where, as Damian puts it, “men can feel like royalty when they come through the doors.” The space is clean and modern. There is beer and wine served and a pool table to entertain clients waiting for a cut. And while the shop is one of many, each with its own distinctive traits catering to the neighborhood and market, the Johnson’s have been careful to keep the quality of the shops high and in line with their brand.

When looking for barbers to fill out their roster, the Johnson’s were interested in one thing: “Professionalism,” said Damian. “People who really studied the craft for a profession and not some type of side hustle or stepping stone to get out of it and go to something else. We really wanted people who were dedicated to the industry and who wanted to bring that same level of professionalism and that standard of business that we wanted to see.”

After years spent teaching barbering, what traits do young industry hopefuls need to possess? “Consistency. On so many different levels. Not only consistent with your haircut, but consistent with your professionalism, consistent with the standards that you keep, your demeanor, your attire. Just straight consistency.”

This shop is for you if:

  • You want the option to go to several different location and still get the same service.
  • Professionalism is paramount to you.
  • You dig in-shop entertainment and hospitality while you wait.