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If you’re looking for a man cave to escape from the hustle and bustle of the LA hip and booming downtown scene, Bolt Barbers is the place for you. One of the first barbershops in the historic Court District of Downtown LA, and established in 2009, the shop was the passion project of founder Matt Berman. A former marketing exec, Bermer left his corporate position, enrolled in barber school and later opened the ten chair barbershop in the heart of DTLA.

Head Barber in Charge and almost 20 year barbering veteran Pablo Perez Prado exclaimed “Bolt Barbers is so different from the other shops in the city!” Walking into the space one can immediately tell that Bermer dedicated his time revisiting the old school charm of barbering of yesteryear. From the vintage barber chairs down to the shuffleboard table, the devil is in the details. But Prado quickly points out “we’re old school but never old fashioned.”

A staple of the growing DTLA business scene, the shop’s clientele consists of young professionals, older business men, and the occasional coffee carrying, granola munching hipster. Because of the shop’s relatively close proximity to USCA , few college students pass through its doors from time to time.

“Bolt Barbers is a place away from home, school or work. It’s a familiar place where you can come in, have some beer, watch the game, sit down and get a shoe shine, shave, haircut, or simply play some shuffleboard. It’s a destination. The haircuts here are great. The barbers are awesome. But it’s the experience here that people don’t forget.”

Standard Cut: $30

This shop is for you if:

  • You have time to kill
  • You appreciate the art of full service grooming
  • You’d like a shoe shine to go with your fresh cut