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This is a classic barbershop. Every few minutes you hear the whirr of the shaving cream machine and if you’re close enough you can feel the heat off of a hot towel as a barber rests it on a client’s face.

Fellow Barber West Village is the brand’s flagship location and is the purest form of their pursuit of the best haircut for you. Each barber offers a consultation for new clients based on a photo of their desired cut, the clients head shape and amount of product they want to use.

The shop sits right on the eastern end of Horatio street between typically residential West Village and the enticing Meatpacking District, giving it a very calm feel with a touch of great style.

It’s not often you find a blend of the classic barbershop feel [shaving cream dispensers, hot towel shave distressed wood and metal fixtures] and modern accents [online appointments, young and old barbers, a spectrum of cuts. Fellow Barber West Village does that.

This shop is for you if:

  • You want a great scissor cut.
  • You love the feeling of a classic barbershop and don’t want to sacrifice that.
  • Your time is very valuable to you.