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“Walk in Filthy, Come out Rich,” isn’t just a shop mantra for celebrity barber Rich Mendoza, it’s a way of life.

“A good cut gets you that girl, that job, that business deal,” Rich explains. “It’s my job to deliver that.”

Filthy Rich Barbershop sits below the Woodside stop on the 7 train, an area steeped in the cultural diversity that Queens is known for. That diversity isn’t lost in the shop. Their barbers vary in ages, races and genders, which allows all hair textures to feel comfortable getting a first time cut.

“Barbers are the world’s therapists, best friends, makeover artists and confidantes,” Rich continues “The barber shop is one of the best social spots a person frequents.”

With that in mind, this Filthy Rich doesn’t look anything like a regular shop. It resembles an upscale mechanic workshop. Hardwood floors accented by bright red blowgun spirals hang from the ceiling while chrome, black tool cabinets, used for barbering tool storage, glide along the floor.

This shop is for you if

  • You are looking for something a shop that breaks the mold
  • You will pay a little more to wait less
  • You like having the option to drive and park your car