Changing the blade in a double-edge safety razor doesn’t have to be a difficult task. The first thing you need to do is to identify the type of razor that you have, as this will determine the process that you need to go through to replace your blade with a shiny new one.

Three-Piece Safety Razors

The three-piece design of the double-edge safety razor (such as in the Bevel safety razor) allows you to remove all parts of the head, which allows you to thoroughly clean the razor every so often. However, this type of razor can be slightly more difficult to take apart and reassemble until you get used to it.

To replace the blade in a three-piece safety razor, hold the head firmly in one hand while avoiding the blade and unscrew the handle with the other hand. The bottom part of the head should then easily lift off the top part. The blade is held between these two head pieces, so you can lift it out and replace it with a new one, then lower the bottom plate down on top of it. Carefully line up the top and bottom plates and then reattach the handle so that all parts are securely held in place.

Quick Reference:

  1. Hold the razor head with one hand and twist handle counter clockwise. Remove the bottom plate from razor head.
  2. Drop blade onto pegs of head and place the bottom plate back over the blade.
  3. Hold the top and bottom of head with your thumb and index finger, insert handle back into head and twist clockwise.

Three-Piece Safety Razors Video: