Words by Malik Salahuddin

In midst of the endless pomp and circumstance that is graduation season, looking for graduation gift ideas for guys like those newly minted adults in your life can be hard. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. See our list of the top 3 graduation gift ideas for guys:

The Bevel Trimmer
He’s graduating. That means no more last minute line ups and hair cuts from his roommate. In the real world, he’ll need to be able to keep his line crispy any day of the week. There’s no better tool for that than The Bevel Trimmer. With 4+ hours of cordless power and easy blade adjustment, it works just as good as it looks. $199.95 at GetBevel.com

Bevel Shave Starter Kit
The first month out of college can be hard. Make it easier on him with the 30 Day Shave Kit. Packed with everything he needs without a commitment, it’s a great way to introduce him to the wonders of The Bevel Shave. Help keep his face and skin happy while he finds his place in the world and he’ll never stop thanking you for it. $89.95 At GetBevel.com

The Bevel Safety Razor

We get it: sometimes you’ve got to start small and build your way up. So why not begin with The Bevel Safety Razor? Designed to provide the best shave possible, it’s a simply powerful tool that’ll change his grooming game for the better. $49.95 at GetBevel.com