Words by Randy Em

Have you ever tried to adjust an old pair of trimmers, only to find yourself fumbling with a wild array of tools, screws, and bits? How about the time wasted cleaning or swapping your trimmer blades out all together? Time is money and Bevel Code has the alley-oop to fix all the trimmer woes you could ever think of.

When imagining the ultimate trimmer, we all think of something that is easy to disassemble/assemble, simple to clean, and minimal in effort for overall maintenance, so here’s the rundown of all the ways the Bevel Trimmer will save you more of that precious time, money, and patience.

Before You Begin

If you’re new to the Bevel fam, then just note that the trimmer comes pre-equipped with two hours of battery life out the box, but when it’s fully charged, you’re loaded with over four-plus hours of on-time and up to sixty hours of standby. It means that if you’re doing some travelling, you can keep that thang on you without a single worry about battery drain.

Don’t forget to remove the sticker covering the battery contacts on brand-new Bevel Trimmers. Simply remove it, plug it in and wait for the blue LED light to remain solid (full charge), and you’ll be off to the races.

bevel trimmer cleaning maintenance razors t-blade

Cleaning Your Bevel Blade

A knowledge dart about the blades on Bevel Trimmers is that they’re top-coated with a layer that contains oleophobic and hydrophobic properties that repel oil and water. The blades repel hair, dirt, and rust buildup that might typically occur with traditional trimmers on the market. To remove buildup, grab a damp cloth, wipe away, and raise your hand in glorious victory.

Bevel Trimmers come with a micro brush to help clean between the small spots, but if you plan on using your own brush for the larger areas, make sure you place your thumb at the base of the blade to ensure the snap on/snap off blade stays in place.

bevel trimmer cleaning maintenance razors t-blade

Which brings us to the next golden nugget…

Switch It Up

For even more efficient cleaning and maintenance, the Bevel blade has a snap on/snap off blade which is useful for accessing the Bevel Dial on the reverse side (to adjust to zero-gap on the fly) and for quick clean-up. It’s super clutch for swapping out blades all together (i.e. if you’re looking to refresh your current blade or pop in a t-blade in the future). Gah ‘head and ditch the tools and hardware.

Top It Off With Oil

Longevity is the name of the game, and sure, you could opt for cheaper options in the cordless trimmer world, but how many times are you going to be replacing that thing? Keeping your blades oiled helps to extend the life of your trimmer and a little goes a long way.

bevel trimmer cleaning maintenance razors t-blade

Simply add two drops of the included oil to your Bevel Trimmer on the teeth of the moving blade and let it run for 15 seconds. Bless it with the oil once weekly or after every few cuts and you should be good for optimal performance.

Light work, fam… Light work. #getbevel