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Bevel Classics - Half Moon Part

You can walk into almost every barbershop around the world and find a style poster featuring a numbered  list of hairstyles and cuts on the wall. Over the past century, these posters have become an integral part of the fabric of the barbershop, subtly adapting to the styles, trends and technologies of their time.

At the turn of the century black ink drawings were de rigueur, but over time photographs taken by the barbers themselves became standard practice. A #2 High and Tight in the 50’s became a High Top Fade in the 80’s, a closely cropped Caesar in the 90’s. Jheri curls, cornrows and box cuts have all seen and faded away from their respective heydays, but can still be found on posters in shops today.

In recent years these posters have become obsolete, hanging faded and yellowed on the wall as a tangible archive of style history. Despite the advancements in technology and trends, these style menus have remained untouched and unedited for decades.

Until Now.

Barbers: Marcus Harvey The Barberstar, Denny Moe, Faheem Alexander, Marshall Almeida, Jomo Kenyatta

Film by Jason Harper