Tech is constantly innovating how we relate to daily life. And thanks to three Howard University alumnae, your day-to-day will get a whole lot easier this summer. Meet HausCall, a haircut app that brings barbers to you when you need them. Founders Morgan K. Winbush, Killian A. Lewis and Crystal J. Allen-Washington came up with the idea while at a Howard Homecoming weekend. They observed that men coming from out of town were often out of luck when it came to getting a quick cut before the daily festivities. It only seemed natural to them to turn their solution into something everyone could use.

HausCall functions as an on-demand service, allowing you to schedule immediate and future appointments so that you can keep your line-up crispy now and later. Their main target is traveling men. But they also aim to service busy family men and others whose tight schedule prevent them from enduring long waits at their favorite barbershop. HausCall’s barbers will be filtered and recommended based on a peer-evaluation system and GPS, allowing you to match up with freshest barber close by. All payments, tips and tracking will be handled in-app for convenience.

Sounds dope right? The only snag is that HausCall won’t be available until June, starting in New York and Washington, DC. Atlanta is expected to follow in Fall 2018. The good news is you can keep up with HausCall and spread the word at their website. To learn more, click here.