Regardless of your individual hairstyle, type or personality, chances are you want to keep your grooming game on point. You might even be looking for some next-level tools to make your grooming routine that much more efficient. The Bevel Trimmer is about as next-level as they come and grants a few bonuses that will make staying sharp a much simpler task.

Keep Your Lines Tight

Here’s the scenario: it’s been a few weeks since your last visit to the barber, but you have about a week before you can get in for a visit. That line-up you got isn’t looking as sharp as it once was, and you’d rather not emerge from your home looking disheveled. This is one area where the Bevel Trimmer shines. Dial it in, and you can get the sharp, clean lines you’d expect from the barber’s chair in the comfort of your bathroom. Be it your hairline or your beard you want to check, you can keep it precise with ease on account of non-slip handling.

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Keep Your Beard Under Control

Much like your lines, your beard length is subject to change in between visits to your barber. Routine trimming can help keep your beard from growing unsightly. Quickly adjust to your preferred short-trimming length with the Bevel Dial. After setting your length, you can get to work maintaining your beard and keep yourself lookin’ crisp. Be sure to follow the best practices on giving yourself an at-home shape-up, remembering to prep your hairs and work slowly for the best results. Perhaps best of all, you’ll save yourself some bread (and a trip out the crib).

Groom On The Go

When you’re on the road, away from home, and out of reach from your trusted barber, you might still be in need of a few quick fixes to your hair and beard. The Bevel Trimmer is a top-flight travel companion here, bringing with it more than just a portable design. When you find yourself in transit, you’ll be able to rely on the 60-day battery standby time, that’ll have enough juice for a trim when you need it. In addition, the 4+ hours of cordless power grants the ability to get your trim without wondering if you’ve got enough power to last. Just pack it ‘n’ go.


Style Yourself With Easy Confidence

No BS here. Prepping the trimmer with blade oil is dead easy and takes only a few seconds to complete. Adjusting the trimmer is literally just another second of your time, with the Bevel Dial easily accessible behind the pop-off blade to find the proper trimming length you’re lookin’ for. The finer touches on the trimmer are tuned for optimum control – from the balanced weight to the soft-touch grip, it’s all been engineered to allow you to tackle your grooming with Hov-level charisma.

Make Your Home Grooming Sessions Simple

One of the more irksome facets of home grooming is making a mess and having to clean it up. A trimmer that mitigates this can be clutch in those time you need to rush out the door and just need something simple to clean. A wipe with a damp cloth or a few swipes with a brush, and whatever debris is left over from your trimming sessions is gone. Bevel’s trimmer blade is designed to repel the dirt and oil that can become bothersome while doing your thing, facilitating the process further.

Quick Rewind

The Bevel Trimmer grants a leg-up on grooming in several ways:

  • The blade is designed for delivering sharp lines.
  • It’s easy to adjust to your preferred length.
  • Extensive battery life makes it perfect for travel.
  • The trimmer is easy to grip and control.
  • Prep and cleanup is simple.

With trimmer in hand, you’ll be able to conquer your grooming game however you best see fit.