Words by Stephen Satterfield

The main event took place on a chilly, cloudy Tuesday morning, where we began mapping my grain. And while this can often be done using photos, I took advantage of the opportunity to have Cassidy from marketing at Bevel, map my grain in person. A company that is truly hands on not just with their practices, but also in what they preach, I knew I was in expert hands.

She picks up what looks like an old credit card that serves as a guide, then holds it perpendicular to my face, uplifting short stubs of hair as she goes. Grabbing a notepad nearby, we soon begin sketching.

Grain mapping

Soon we have, on four sheets of paper, a quickly-drawn face with a series of long arrows pointing in the same direction – the direction the razor is supposed to go; straight up, then down above the mouth, and sort of diagonal around the cheeks. It looked very much like the way I’d been shaving all along, which was encouraging.


I unfold a sleek packaged white box. Now if it weren’t for the box’s geometric shape, it could’ve easily been mistaken for a new Apple product. Inside were 5 key items: Bevel’s Priming oil, Brush, Shave Cream, a (sleek and substantial) stainless steel single blade razor, and finally, a Restoring Balm. With both our photographer for the day, Aundre and Cassidy by my side to offer support, I was reminded to take, “short pulls.”

Stephen Shaving

With each careful swipe using the Bevel Razor, inch by inch, I soon gained confidence. Watching the white foam around my face diminish, I eventually saw something I hadn’t seen in years: flesh! It was such a contrast to nappy head, that it made me think about something that for years had evaded my mind for years – I needed a haircut!