Grooming Tips

Beneath The Beard Breakouts

Words by Kathy Iandoli

Image of Black man looking at and feeling bumps under his beard

Words by Kathy Iandoli

Here’s a newsflash you might not be ready to read: your beard is not a blemish shield. Sure, beards and their maintenance are an intricate process and require considerable attention. However, the skin beneath your beard requires just as much care and concern as the hair that’s covering it. Here are a few tips to help you care as much for your skin as your hair.

Are Your Breakouts Ingrown Hairs Or Acne?

They may both feel the same (as in painful), but their causes can be different. For some who typically shave daily, the beard growing process can be somewhat traumatic to the skin, especially for curlier hair textures. Ingrown hairs can come fairly quickly if you’re trying to grow out your beard, it’s simply your hair growing back beneath your skin. As for run of the mill acne? That can be an oil problem, since beards are traps for dirt and other bacteria. There are ways to prevent both, so read on for more on that.

Exfoliation Is Key

You might be reading this and thinking “How am I supposed to exfoliate my skin when my beard is covering it?” Great question. One way is by using a brush, the best being the Boar Bristle kind. The bristles travel beyond the beard and reach the skin to slough away dead skin cells, preventing dryness by triggering the production of the natural oils in your skin. A great brush to use is Beardbrand’s Boar’s Hair Brush. A friendly word of advice: Never EVER share beard brushes with anyone, and never EVER use the same brush on your head of hair as you do on your face. That is the easiest way to transfer dirt and bacteria and cause major breakouts.

Daily Combing Does You Good

While the Boar’s Hair brushing is a great way to exfoliate beneath the beard, daily combing is key to keep the dirt in your beard away from your skin. Carrying a beard comb and gently sweeping it along your beard throughout the day not only keeps your beard looking sharp, but it ensures that dirt is kept at bay. A nice inexpensive option is the Kent Hand Made Beard and Moustache comb, which is designed to actually contour your face. Once again, do not use the same comb on your face as you would on your regular hair.

Shampoo Your Face

If you shampoo your head, then you should shampoo your beard. Plain and simple. The most effective way to keep your beard clean is to naturally wash it. How you manage that clean is a matter of preference. Some enjoy a good beard soap, Lucky Tar’s Handmade Pine Tar Soap is one solid option, using palm oil to moisturize, while also making tons of suds for your beard. Another is beard shampoo, which is specifically made for your beard to keep it clean. Depending upon the texture of your hair, frequent shampooing can cause beard frizziness, so it’s best to temper it with a beard conditioner. One excellent option to consider is Billy Jealousy’s Beard Envy kit, which includes a beard shampoo, a beard tamer, and a boar’s hair brush. Grab the whole thing here.

Shave It For Later

So you’ve tried everything. You’ve exfoliated, combed, shampooed, brushed, and everything in between, and yet the breakouts still happen. Maybe it’s time to start over. Consider shaving it off and repairing the skin underneath and doing a full month’s hair growth to see what happens. The Bevel Shaving System’s certainly got you covered there (our razors prevent ingrown hairs), with our Restoring Balm being the best way to repair your skin. The Bevel Restoring Balm moisturizes and cools the face with natural ingredients like oat kernel, jojoba, and tea tree oil, which is a natural antiseptic helping to prevent post-shave breakouts. Get the whole kit here.

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