Words by Barney Bishop

Have you ever noticed how stiff a brand new pair of jeans is when you first put them on? How about a new pair of shoes? Well, that’s because the fabric has yet to stretch and until it does, it can be a bit uncomfortable. The same goes for your trusty badger brush. Have no fear though gentlemen; a little patience is the key to breaking in your Bevel Badger Brush.

With each successive use, the bristles on your badger brush soften and expand.

Right out of the box, a badger brush is a thing of beauty. When all of its hairs are in unison and the knot has that bulb appearance, it’s simply perfect. Some of you, however, may lose that love affair after the first use because you didn’t achieve that rich, foamy lather you were expecting. Your second and third time using the brush proved to be equally frustrating, too. There’s a reason for this and it’s pretty simple.

Moisture is one of the keys to a great shave. It softens your skin and facial hair and makes for a smoother, nick-free shave. However, since the bristles on your new brush are stiff and are not absorbing and retaining enough water to mix with your shaving cream or soap to create that lather you seek, what you get is flat and lacks the fluff and cushion we strive for. In the case of your favorite pair of jeans and shoes, which softened with each wearing, the same principal applies to your Bevel Badger Brush.

Image of man rinsing Badger Brush with water Image of applying shaving cream on Badger Brush

With each successive use, the bristles on your badger brush soften and expand. When this occurs, the brush holds more water and you will begin to notice that translating to more moisture for your face and a thicker and foamier coating of shaving cream being applied to your face as well.

This break in process can take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks. During that time, some of the hairs on your brush will naturally loosen and you may even lose a few. You’ll also notice the bloom of the brushes knot expanding. Lastly, the brush will begin to feel softer. It’s important that you allow the brush to dry after each use. Your badger brush was designed with a flat bottom on the handle so that it can stand on its own to dry.

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Ultimately, breaking in your badger brush comes down to patience. Fight through the frustration you’ll experience in the beginning and know a lifetime of great lathering is just around the corner. You won’t regret it.

Image of man using the Badger Brush