Which kind of razor reigns supreme when it comes to saving you some money in the long run? The classic matchup has always been disposable multiblade razors versus safety razors, with guys, in general, picking a side on the debate and not budging, and many seeing multi-razors as the cheaper option because of the higher initial cost of purchasing a safety razor.

In addition, thanks to the marketing push behind typical drug store multiblade razors (they’re an integral part of the $20.52 billion industry that is men’s grooming), most men who favor them do so thinking they’re saving money and receiving a better shave all at the same time.

Not so, we’d argue. If you take the time to think about it, you’d probably agree — that wet shaving methods and safety razors are the better bet, both money-wise and quality-wise. Here’s why.

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Safety Razors to the Rescue

As reported all the way back in 2010, there’s a reason safety razors provide the better value in the long run when compared to disposables:

“[It’s] because a safety razor should last you the rest of your life. The only money you will have to spend is on razor blades which are much cheaper than disposable razor refill cartridges.”

And those blades for safety razors aren’t particularly expensive. Let’s do the quick-math – on average, you might spend around $10 bucks for 20 safety razor blades ($0.50/blade), and, with about two-to-three shaves per razor, you’re looking at around $0.25/shave. Even with the initial cost of a safety razor sitting between $30-$50 on average, over time, the savings on the safety razor blades will add up.

For disposable multiblade razors, you’ll get about 3-4 uses from one of the big brands, but at a cost that can vary and generally sits around $14.50 for a six-pack of the popular, ostensibly superior types of razors. That works out to about $2.41/razor attachment, or around $0.80/shave (not to mention a constant routine of heading to the store for the brand you want).

Now, let’s say that you’re the kind of guy who likes to stay cleaned up, shaving every day out of every year. Over the course of that year, you’ll have spent $292 on multi-razors, compared to about $91.25 for a higher-end safety razor and the necessary replacement blades.

Let’s extend that beyond a year. Let’s say you shave like that every day over a 50-year shaving lifespan. With typical drugstore razors, you’d have spent $14,600 on those disposables, when you could have spent $4562.50 on a safety razor and replacement blades. There are, of course, cheaper disposables out there that might save you, but these are also of inferior quality — more likely to cut, sting and cause irritation after only a couple of uses.

bevel shave razors subscription

When you take advantage of shave subscription services (like the Bevel Subscription), the potential to save money increases even more. The above calculations only included razors, and not shaving cream and other accessories needed to make a shave comfortable. When making use of subscription services, those extra razors are often bundled with other high-quality shave equipment, providing even more value.

To sum that all up…

The way to save money on shaving is to go with a safety razor, for several reasons:

  • Disposable multiblade razors are over-engineered and over-marketed, pushing their price far beyond what is reasonable.
  • Though the initial cost of buying a safety razor can be high, the decreased cost of replacement blades adds up over time, saving you more money.
  • Shave subscriptions increase savings by including valuable shaving accessories into the package deal.

If you’re the sort that wants to save, the choice seems obvious. Using a safety razor, you’ll pay far less than you ever imagined using the most popular disposable razor varieties.