Point blank – if you aren’t using Priming Oil before your shaving sessions, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Don’t feel ashamed, though, as pre-shave oils are criminally underrated to the point that a lot of guys don’t even know about them. That is precisely why we’re going to delve into the benefits these oils provide and why you should add them to your pre-shave routine immediately.

What’s Good with Priming Oil?

Like the name suggests, priming oil is a mixture of oils used to prepare your skin and hair for a shave. Bevel Priming Oil uses a blend of lavender oil, sunflower seed oil, olive oil and castor oil to help moisturize and lubricate your skin and hair.

On its own, it softens the hair and moisturizes your skin so that your razor can glide more easily. Hence, you apply less pressure and are still able to get a close shave. Just a few drops massaged on to your face, and you’ll no longer need to drag your razor across your face like you’re trying to grate cheddar cheese.

bevel shave system priming oil restoring balm shave cream

The One-Two Punch

Priming Oil serves as a base that sets up the entire shaving process for improved efficiency. Especially with sensitive skin, it provides a degree of protection, helping prevent bumps and irritation. In tandem with a hydrating shave cream, you’ve got a team that is unshakable.

It’s worth noting that the combination of the oils in Bevel Priming Oil is just enough to get you moisturized and ready, without leaving your skin feeling greasy or clogging pores beneath the shave cream layer. And the benefits extend even further…

bevel shave system priming oil restoring balm shave cream

Bless the Triple Threat

In addition to the aforementioned benefits, Priming Oil pairs well with other products like Bevel Restoring Balm. Where oils set you on the smoothest path during a close shave, Restoring Balm calms the skin and helps maintain the hydration laid out by Priming Oil in the first place. All in all, these products form the freshest trifecta for the perfect shave.

The Rundown

Keep these points in mind when you think of Priming Oil…

  • Priming Oil goes on before a shave to moisturize skin and soften hair.
  • Priming Oil reduces the amount of force necessary to get a close shave (less force means less chance for irritation and razor bumps).
  • Combined with a good shave cream and Restoring Balm, the advantages are further increased.