It’s about that time again: wedding season. Whether you’re a guest or a groomsman, looking your best is a high priority, and we’re here to help. Getting wedding-day fresh is far easier when you remember the basic rules for both your hair and skin. Here’s ours:

Upgrade the Shave

Even if you’ve become a pro at wet shaving, this is one of the times where it’s encouraged to spend a little extra on a professional shave. Custom shaving cream, hot towels, straight-razor blades? Do it all, especially if you’re in the wedding party. It’s one of the most important days of your friend or family’s life. Don’t be afraid to treat yourself – act (and groom) accordingly.

In or Out

The game changes a little bit depending on whether the wedding is indoor or outdoor. So, here are a few things to remember:

If it’s indoors, you can get away with keeping your beard and overall hairstyle a little longer than usual, as the venue will probably be climate controlled. That also means that using a reliable beard butter or wax is necessary to keep a bigger beard perfectly shaped throughout the night.

Outdoors? Consider going with a higher, tighter haircut to let your scalp breathe and cut down on the amount of sweat around the neck and hairline. Also, add a little extra sunscreen to your skin and routine, and be mindful of wearing too much cologne, essential oils or other scented products. They tend to attract bugs more easily, which would make it hard to impress the Howard Ph.D. grad by the bar.

Save the Date

For guests, and more important, the groomsmen, being aware of important dates and milestone leading up to the wedding will help you to build a schedule that compliments your hair and skin care needs. Rehearsal dinner? Hit up your barber (or your Bevel Trimmer) for a quick shape up. On the other side, though, try not to go too hard with the haircuts.

The more often you put a pair of clippers to your skin, the more irritated it’ll become leading up to the wedding day. Keeping a regular schedule keeps you from having to get that emergency line up two hours before you’re supposed to show up.

Bottom line, there’s more to being a good guest or groom this wedding season than just showing up on time. Being on point also means making sure you’re doing whatever you can to make the best impressions to those around you, even when the event isn’t about you. You’re an extension of the person who invited you in the first place, so why not make them proud?