Words by Corey Chalumeau

Around this time of year, we all start to give a bit more openly. Whether it’s a gift, time, or a little advice, our generosity GOES UP during the Holidays. So at Bevel, we decided to reach out to a select group of influencers to see what’s on their list over the holidays.

Jackie Yates

Associate Beauty & Grooming Editor, EBONY Magazine
Founder & Writer, Livelovelaurean.com

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Jackie is a well-known editor, whose beauty and grooming advice can be spotted in the pages of Ebony magazine, monthly. Luckily, she had a few seconds to spare, and filled us in on what’s she looking for around this time of year:

MacBook Air Cover
“My current MacBook Air cover has taken quite the beating as I constantly switch from bag to bag. I think if I had maybe a chic leather case or a snazzy designer cover, it would give the look of my favorite work plaything a much-needed upgrade.”

“I am always delighted to have candles around, and they are truly gifts that keep on giving. Once candles are finished, they also make for great decorative pieces. I love theme inspired candles like the ones at Illume.”

Cash Money
“I mean, who doesn’t want a little extra bread around the holidays?”

Marcus Troy

Founder of Marcustroy.com

The Marcus Troy Experience

Known in the influencer community as a trendsetter and tastemaker, Marcus is also a man ofideas. This holiday season he’s not asking for things, but instead that which is less tangible.

“What I would like for the Holidays is a change in paradigm; I would like to live by a new code of conduct. I would like my peers to do the same. I would like education to be more prevalent or relevant than fashion. Is that too much to ask for? I guess I’ll have to start with me.”

“I would like to give my time to people in need. I would like to start mentoring people who would like to break into the digital industry and give them my insights and share my experience.”

MoRuf Adewunmi

Latest Project – Shades of Moo


Meet MoRuf Adewunmi – New Jerusalem native, community leader, artist, and an overall creator, who’s been blessed to travel the world spreading vibes and a belief of Love.Over.Everything.

Here’s what he’s looking forward to for the holidays:

“To be honest anything that I truly want this year and the past couple years can not be purchased. Don’t get me wrong a new car wouldn’t hurt at all (laughs), but good health, family, friends and overall growth with my art is all I can ask for. And growth as a Man. Tap into the blessings and gifts that are right in front of you.”

Steven Onoja

Menswear Expert and Artist
Founder of Stevenonaja.com


Steven Onoja might be one of the sharpest gents, we’ve ever met, and as much as he enjoys dressing dapper. What he really wants for the Holidays is to travel and help others:

Being funded to go to an impoverished nation and help build wells with a non-profit organization.”

“Projects to improving the living conditions of the local populations, and investing into a human and economic development solution.”

It’s good to note that a healthy balance during the holidays is needed. Yes, we all like things, and with nearly every store having a sale, conspicuous consumption is inevitable. But sometimes nothing feels better than giving back, and helping other who need it, more than we do.