Words by Corey Chalumeau

With Valentine’s Day almost here, we’re sure there may be some unrelenting pressure to do it even bigger and better than last year. But if this feeling is gnawing at you each time you see a V-Day commercial, rest assured you don’t have to go on stressing. We’ve put together “The Ultimate Valentine’s Day Guide” for the Bevel Man looking to ball, no matter the budget.

Step 1: Prep Work


The Cut

The haircut is still the most important grooming task to tackle before any big day. So try and avoid waiting until the last minute to see your go-to guy with the sheers. This year, it’s all about having a plan and scheduling a few days in advance to be guaranteed that fresh line.


The Attire

If you’re going out with your significant other on the most romantic day of the year, then you have no choice to bring your A game. V-Day is not the time to skimp on any aspect of your appearance, especially since you’ve already got that fresh cut. But, we also understand not everyone has extra money to shell out for something newly tailored.

A safe bet is to go with an affordable rental shop like Black Tux. You’ll look all types of dapper for the low, and the process is as simple as choosing your favorite style, verifying measurements and returning once all’s said and done.

Finishing Touches

You’ve now got the dapper suit, paired up with the fresh cut, but if those hands and feet are still looking somewhat questionable, you’re already a loser in the game. Take a moment and peep some past grooming pieces that’ll refresh your overall look beyond just the haircut.

  • A Gentleman’s Guide To The Manicure & Pedicure
  • Real Talk · Corey’s First Facial & A Real Guy Gets His Brows Did
  • Step 2: Come Bearing Gifts

    Essence Beauty Box

    Her Favorite Things

    We know picking out the perfect gift can be difficult and time-consuming, so why not let an expert do it for you? The folks over at Essence Magazine have instantly made the game that much easier with the ultimate beauty box. Packed with items from some of her favorite beauty brands, and handpicked to fill all her needs; basically, save yourself the headache and get one: Essence Beauty Box.

    Small Gestures

    Often writing a small handwritten note, mini-massage breaks, or buying her favorite snack at the grocery store, while not overly romantic, are all still the right kind of touch to let her know you care. It’s a guarantee your date will remember you long after the hug and kiss goodbye. But even before the grand night begins, hit the ATM before you head out, because being cheap is not the way to anyone’s heart.

    Step 3:Finish Strong


    The Aspiring Baller Budget

    Want to save money, but also make the night special? Here are some ideas from Jessica, founder of Jet Black, a travel consulting service:

  • Cook or book a chef for dinner at your place, once you’re both somewhat stuffed, dance it all off at her favorite local bar in town. .
  • Book a local photographer, or even a friend who’s side gig helps folks look their best, and have an intimate photoshoot.
  • Or instead of staying at your place for the night, rent an Airbnb and make breakfast in bed for the following morning.

  • Hotel

    The Almost Ball-So-Hard Budget

    If that side hustle you took up a few months back frees you up to spend more on Valentine’s Day, congrats! Avoid the typical evening out, and instead apply your dollars by setting up a day filled with activities she’d brag to her friends about:

  • Start with lunch at a local favorite, followed by chauffeured service to a Broadway show.
  • After the show, get the blood flowing again with some ice skating or a physical activity she’d love.
  • Then cool down indoors with some hot cocoa at a local boutique hotel or Bed Breakfast.
  • And remember it’s not about how much you spend on Valentine’s Day, but the thought behind the gifts and activities that matter most.