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Here’s How to Quit Shampoo [and why you should]

Words by Chatel Theagene

Man pulling on his hair to examine it.

Words by Chatel Theagene

On any given day, ditching shampoo is probably not high atop the priority list of grooming have-to-do’s. And maybe for good reason. Over the years, you and your hair have been conditioned to reach for the same bottle of goop your father once used to rid hair and scalp of a ton of grime. But if we could convince you that better hair waits on the other side of the shampoo bottle, would you make the trek?

Shampooing hair, as often as most of us use the stuff, should be anything but a vigorous process where every oil particle from the hair strand is completely stripped away. On the contrary, the fight to keep those oils is what’ll keep that coif on point.

But why would anyone think of quitting shampoo? Old habits are hard to break, but the truth is the growing beauty market has been kinder to the textured hair crew and offered a myriad of better choices for healthier hair. So think of it this way, if you find yourself free of the stubbornness of a flaky scalp, and long escaped the claws of scalp irritations or even dry hair, the consideration to ditch the shampoo for something less harsh is officially in your court.

And don’t get us wrong, abandoning harsh chemicals is not the excuse you need to leave washing hair behind all together. When factoring the overall health of textured hair, experimentation is paramount to achieving all kinds of hair success. So to help understand the basics, take a look at a few options to get you started.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar Product Image
If you’ve always been in favor of the no fuss, very little product to get the job done route, then Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) may be the new voice of reason to get you to make the switch from detergent-like cleanser, to something that’s a little more beneficial to both hair and scalp. Mix equal parts water in a bottle, apply to hair like you would any other cleanser and you’re all set. Make sure to work the mix well, so both hair and scalp is fully coated. Trust us, it works.

Oyin’s Grand Poo Bar + Oyin Handmade Honey Wash

Oyin Grand Poo Bar Product Image
These are insta-faves because head-to-to anything are grooming gifts that’ll easily save you on time with little fuss. Shampoo bars made from the best stuff like coconut oil, shea butter and, water are great traveling essentials and always get the job done, while anything coined a honey wash is immediate cause for celebration. Made with some of the top hydrating ingredients like honey, jojoba oil and aloe vera gel, you’re guaranteed to smell amazing from head to toe.

Shea Moisture Co-Wash

Shea Moisture Co-Wash Product Images
There’s a ton of new terminology that can leave some scratching their head when your’ve set your sites on better hair care. So the crux os often trying to figure out whether the fuss of caring for textured hair is actually worth it. The simple answer, is yes. Of course. But one of the few key terms to pocket once you’ve finally curbed your know-how of caring for your hair, is the co-wash. Find yourself out of cleanser while on a business trip? Chances are you can easily swap-in the nearest travel sized condish to do the same job. Or, prep your travel bag with a Co-Wash cleanser formula that does the same job of those harsher cleaners, but better.

Ouidad Cleansing Oil

Ouidad Cleansing Oil Product Image
If we’re to break things down to the basic rules, shampoo is by definition a liquid, soap like solution made up of active surfactants and harsh detergents. So swapping out your old shampoo for something like a cleansing oil for the hair is not a free pass to use your run of the mill coconut or olive oil to rid hair of grime and grease. Moderation is still key here, folks. Formulated for hair that’s more on the dry side, while this stuff is sulfate free and oil based, it’s also mixed with enough nutrients and fatty acids to make sure hair gets a proper cleansing, stays hydrated and brittle free.