Hair Care

Master Your Hair With A Few Key Ingredients

Words by Chatel Theagene

Man checking out hair

Words by Chatel Theagene

You can have the dopest cut, fresh out the barber’s chair on any given Sunday, marked by the best compliments to get you through the day – but if you can’t hold down the know how’s on the stuff that actually keeps the hair laid, that weekly high will reach it’s peak all too quick.

To avoid the let down, it’s time to factor in a few key ingredients and set aside a game plan to keep hair looking smooth at all times and lessen all worry factors.

Let’s abide by a few of these steps early on, to help you experience far less hair fuss.

Whether you decide to reach for the shampoo or conditioner, often what makes the difference between the worst hair you ever had, and compliments for days on end, are what you won’t find in your hair products. The improved learnings when it comes to caring for textured hair over the years means it’s time that we all pay attention to what we put on our bodies. Don’t leave his kind of knowledge solely in the hands of the ladies, fellas. What’s textured hair’s natural repellent? Avoid stylers or even conditioners that contain alcohol, which tends to dry hair more often than not.

So what do you look for?

Old School H2O

stock photo of water
If you’re planning on washing, styling or just need a quick refresh in between the gym and dinner, plan on reaching for something with water as your main ingredient of choice. Sounds too simple, we know. But the master of all things moisture and looking good has it’s core in H2O.

The refresh comes into play if you already have a couple of days worth of product in your hair, and need to set your styler in motion. Get more bang for your buck by sticking to just water to re-up on moisture.

Mane Attraction

Image of honey.
Caring for hair better than you ever have also means you’ll have to sneak a few new words into your lexicon. Let’s talk humectants for a bit, and keep it brief. Your hair, the awesome sponge that it is, loves to attract almost anything on a liquid soluble level. To make sure you’re getting only what you need, humectants in this case should be a priority, particularly in in seasonal temps when hair is naturally dry and could use that added bit of moisture.

We’re talking things like honey, glycerin in some of your fav products that help sculpt and lay those hairs down, even in the toughest of situations.

They naturally draw moisture into the hair to keep moisture levels at optimal levels. In the summer, best bet is to keep the humectancy quota to a minimal. Truth is you want to avoid as much extra frizz as possible, and too much humidity in the air can cause halo issues. Have handy something like Aveda’s anti-humectant pomade to fight the high temp and humidity factors or this climate control gel from Ouidad that you can carry year-round.

Seal the Deal

shea butter
Sealants are your next best friend when you want to put a lid on all the hard work you did to get that texture to pop. Not moisturizers per say, but these ingredients found mostly in natural oils, hair butters (think shea or cocoa) and things that are not naturally water soluble, are your best bet to ensuring your work stays the course.

Final wordage to ingrain into your mind while exploring the hair aisle is emollients. Typically when we think emollients, our brains tend to conjure thoughts of lotion, body washes and other products made for our skin. But when it comes to hair, they are equally important and are used to soften up some of the unruliest of textures.