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Your Gym Bag Needs These Hair Essentials

Words by Chatel Theagene

Man going into Gym bag

Words by Chatel Theagene

Taking care of your hair doesn’t stop once you reach the doors of the gym. Whether the plan is to do a few short repetitions of squats or you’re pullin for the full cardio routine, sweat will do doubt accumulate on both your hair and scalp. Chances are you’re never without your water bottle or earbuds to drown out gym noise, but it only takes a few seconds to pack a few other key items to make sure you exit your best workout looking less of a sweaty mess. Make sure to swap-in these key items before hitting the gym.

If you weren’t feeling the thought of carrying one more item in your gym bag, think twice about incorporating this key item that can easily replace your body wash. This stuff doubles as a moisturizing cleanser for both body and hair (you can actually ditch the lotion!). For an added bonus, it has softening agents that smoothes any facial hair stubble, making for an easier shave.

Molton Brown Sports Wash

Molton Brown Sports Wash Product Image
Ready for the next easiest step? To be honest, textured hair needs a ton more extra TLC than a quick lather of cleanser. Once you’re done washing the soil and sweat away, hair looks cleansed and proper – add a dime sized amount of a shine enhancing pomade to smooth hair down and give an extra boost of moisture. It has a strong enough hold to lay down the toughest texture, repel against high humidity & shoot down any frizziness.

Aveda Brilliant Anti-Humectant Pomade

If you have a scalp that’s always been more of a worry than an afterthought, and sweat is the common enemy, think of adding a conditioner with natural oils to your stash. With a shot of spearmint to cool scalp, and nettle and hemp seed to nourish, you’ve set your hair and scalp up for less irritation. Also consider sporting some headgear to lessen the sweat traction. We’re fans of this piece from the folks over at Under Armour.

Frederick Benjamin Soothing Conditioner

frederick benjamin product photo

Under Armour Head Gear

There are a few men who let their water bottle pull double duty at the gym. A quick squeeze of the bottle over the hair before leaving the gym is sometimes all you have time for. But even if you’re prone to running late or have grown weary of gym showers, sneak a basic spray bottle in your bag. Prep Sunday nights by filling your spray bottle with water and add a hit of jojoba oil. Keep in bag and reach for your concoction after a workout. And if the DIY path is not your think, this hair fresher from Oyin works on just about all hair types and won’t leave a greasy trail.

Oyin Handmade Go-Tea Grooming Spray

Oyin Product Photo
This one’s for the well-groomers who stay prepped not matter the situation, workout or day of the week. You’ve made it through a tough work week, and maybe even a tougher session with your personal trainer. You’ve earned the time to line-up those edges that can’t quite wait until your dude at the barber shop has time for you. the Bevel Trimmer has your back in a pinch if you’re confident in your at-home barber skills and precision is always your agenda, and need something that’s slim and light enough to cary in your gym bag.

Bevel Trimmer

Bevel Trimmer in the wild.