Grooming Tips

Manscaping 101: Your Head-to-Toe Grooming Guide

Words by Janell Hickman

Man looks at his chest hair in mirror

Words by Janell M. Hickman

When it’s time to take off all your clothes, do you feel confident? Obviously manscaping isn’t something you sit around and discuss with your boys, but body hair maintenance is something you can’t really ignore, not matter the season. However, body grooming isn’t just about appearance—it can also prevent bacteria buildup on the surface of the skin. Think about it, body can absorb sweat which means it’s trapping odor over time which isn’t very sexy.

Whether you suffer from major back hair or have some fuzz on your big toe, we’ve got you covered with this hair removal guide. Remember, at the end of the day, personal grooming is definitely a matter of personal preference—so do you!


First things first, you have to determine your skin type. Dry? Sensitive? Bumpy? A good way to gauge the effects on the rest of your body is to learn about your face. A clean shaven face is the foundation of manscaping but shouldn’t be taken lightly. The right tools (and complementary products) can help prevent common issues like ingrown hairs and razor bumps. Always opt for a single blade razor, especially if you have curly or coarse hair.

When it comes to brows, a full, healthy set is sexy, but a unibrow? Not so much. Keep them under control by opting to tweeze vs. wax for a more subtle look. Unfortunately, waxing your brows can come off as overdone and obvious—avoid it if you can. In terms of nose or ears hairs, use scissors with a rounded tip for easier removal. A magnifying mirror will help you confidently keep delicate areas safe.


You’ve seen it—it’s a beach/pool day and everyone has their shirt off except for this one guy. You think to yourself, he must be hot but then it dawns on you, maybe he’s embarrassed about his body hair. Rule number one? Don’t let others opinions prevent you from having a good time. Rule number two? When trimming chest hair, shave in the direction of the grain with a good pair of clippers. When it comes to back and shoulder hair, waxing is probably best—but don’t try to wing it at home! Make an appointment with a professional expert for an impeccable finish.

Down There

It’s still up for debate if grooming can make your manhood look “bigger,” but numerous sources agree it can up the ante on hygiene. In fact, a 2014 Study of Men’s Grooming Appliances and Tools found that 57 percent of millennial men keep it orderly down there. Definitely don’t feel compelled to go all the way bare, a thorough trim will keep things tidy. Plus, trimming compared to shaving or waxing, won’t resulting in awkward stubble—which could be uncomfortable for your partner.


Toe hair may seem trivial, but when you’re rocking the sandals off and chilling in the bed, nothing is more unsightly than hairy toes. Get excess hair removed from your feet and look like a well groomed champion. If the hair is light, try waxing or plucking with tweezers. Shaving will leave you with sandal-unfriendly stubble. Want to really make the investment? A few quick laser hair removal treatments will banish stray hairs forever.