One of the keys to innovative design is solving complex problems in the most simplistic, meaningful ways.

Where the Bevel Trimmer’s square blade redefined the industry standard for cordless trimmers by introducing a whirlwind of innovations—like the snap on/off blade, quick-adjustable blade lengths (via the Bevel Dial), and so much more—a new era begins that adds yet another crowning achievement to an already-remarkable and award-winning product. Welcome to the next step of the Bevel Trimmer’s evolution: The Bevel T-Blade.

What separates the traditional square blade from the new T-Blade is all in the details – both blades provide that hard-hitting master barber-approved level of sharpness, but each to their own unique and definable strengths. This is the rundown of what differentiates the two trimmer blades and why you might choose one over the other on any given day.

The Case for Square Bevel Blades

It’s the blade that we’ve all come to know and love. A crafty all-in-one that comes equipped with every Bevel Trimmer by default and for good reason. As a daily hair trimmer, it’s unf**kwittable and is the first blade seen anywhere that is specially coated to repel dirt, oil, and buildup – cleanup is dead easy with a quick wipe with a damp cloth, which is enough to put this thing to serious work without hair buildup maxing it out.

“I like square blade better for balding” —Adam

If you’re looking for mustache and facial hair cutting lengths, the blade’s square size maneuvers around the neck, chin, and jaw areas efficiently and it’s the straight-up go-to for bulk removal of hair or for balding cuts. Fine tune the lengths by using the snap on/off blade and utilizing the Bevel Dial with your thumb – from there, you’re off to the races.

The Case for Bevel T-Blades

Now, this is where we get to have a little more fun. The Bevel T-Blade takes the championed elements of the original blade and brings it up to an entirely new plane.

For trimming, it’s a wider blade with thin, fine coverage on the side ends to hit those sweet spots around corners. The blade gives that much-needed accuracy in the tricky areas on a head of hair, for designs and precision work more specifically. The width of the T-Blade allows you to finesse those lines as straight and efficiently as possible while covering more surface area.

“I prefer the Bevel width, I want to cover as much ground as possible, it’s so much easier to get those corner spots.” —Moe

All of this included in the innovative Bevel Blade form factor of being a snap on/off and quick thumb-adjusted beast of a blade – it’s truly all the best features of all your favorite blades rolled into one. For barbers and power users, the daily workflow just got easier.

Looking to the Future

What does this mean for the future of the Bevel Trimmer? The way we see it, a whole new world of possibilities has opened up, allowing for the Bevel Trimmer to act as the centerpiece to a future wide range of accessories. And we’re just getting started, folks.

Look out for the Bevel T-Blade (sold separately) on June 5th. The future is now.