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An Easy How-To Guide: Razor + Brush Storage

Words by Barney Bishop

Words by Barney Bishop

It’s safe to say, that some of the lessons our parents taught us growing up, are still eerily relevant today. Removing dirty school clothes the soonest we step in the door, is still something most of us can’t seem to forget. Remember when we didn’t want to waste a second of recess once we got home? Those repeated digs to take them off often came with a deeper meaning. The key has always been about preservation.

What most parents understood, was that there was a good chance we’d either rip something or get it dirty. Well, the same holds true with shaving gears today. Shaving daily, or even every other day, puts your trusty badger brush and safety razor through a lot of unnecessary work. So, do yourself a favor the next time you shave, and take an extra few minutes to preserve the lifespan of your gear.

B-Brush Love

Now chances are, while shaving in the morning, you’re prone to cutting corners here and there. Here’s a new plan! Once you’re finished shaving, save time and avoid leaving your badger brush full of shaving cream. Dried up shaving cream, day after day, damages your brush’s hairs. To preserve it’s lifespan, thoroughly rinse out after every use. Once it’s rid of cream, gently squeeze out any excess water.

Shake it Off

Another good tip is to give the brush a few gentle shakes to further rid it of excess water. This’ll help maintain the shape and integrity of the brush. Try also gently patting down down on the hairs to really bring the bulb of the brush back up. Finally, hang it so the hairs are clearly facing down. If you don’t have a stand, lay it down somewhere dry. Avoid standing it up, as that will only bring moisture to its base.

A Clean Slate

When it comes to your double edge safety razor, completely rinse off any excess shaving cream once you’ve finished shaving. And it also doesn’t hurt to quickly dry it with a towel. This may seem excessive, but over time water can rust your razor. Using an old toothbrush and dish soap to clean your razor every few weeks is also a great idea. Take it apart to really get in there were gunk builds up over time. Remember that in the end, it’s all about preservation.