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How to line up your beard with the Bevel razor

Words by Corey Chalumeau

Words by Corey Chalumeau

If you’re a fan of the still growing beard trend, you might have noticed that it’s definitely beard season!

And while most would agree that lining up your beard can be a tough task to take on by yourself, it’s definitely doable given the right tools.

Now, while many gents feel at home shaping their beard using an electric razor, there’s something else to consider. The truth is, electric razors just don’t cut close enough. We know you want the freshest and sharpest line-up at all times, therefore we put together a quick how-to on getting the best line-up using the Bevel Razor:

Observing beard

The Pre-Game!

Before starting your shave, keep in mind to shave with the grain and take a sec to observe how your hair grows on both sides of your face and neck. Once everything checks out, then it’s safe to move on to the next step.

Warm Towel Service for One

Nothing opens the pores like a warm towel. So if you have a few extra minutes to spare, dampen a clean towel, then microwave for about 30 seconds [careful that it’s not too hot!], then apply to face. If you’re feeling fancy, add an essential oil like lavender to the mix before warming up.

Decide on your Peaks and Valleys

Unless your beard is completely filled-in, you’ll have to decide where you want your line to start and end. We discussed having your barber use a pencil, but you can easily do this on your own as well. Start by drawing a line that starts at the very top of your sideburns, and goes down to the beginning of your mustache.


Applying shave cream

Apply Your Product

Start with the Bevel pre-shave oil, then apply to areas above your initial pencil markings. Once your hair is soft, squeeze out a few pumps of shave cream, then lather up with the Bevel badger brush.


Time to Shave

Gently allow the razor to glide in the proper direction, making sure to go with the grain over areas you’ve applied cream. If you notice a need to make a second pass, apply a bit more shaving cream, then repeat using the same steps.

The 4th Quarter!

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your skin thirsty for moisture after you’ve executed one-heck-of-a-shave. Reach for your restoring balm and apply to the areas in which you’ve shaved. Make sure to allow your skin to say thanks over the next couple of days with smoothness and far less irritation.

The Finishing Touches

Now if you’re like me and want that fresh from the barber feel, incorporate a scissor routine to snip away any strays for an immaculate looking beard.