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Body Cleansing 101: Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Words by jackie

Man showering

Words by Jacqueline Laurean Yates

Between keeping up with your weekly barber appointments, to making sure your facial hair is intact to rolling out of bed and rushing to work to brag about how your fav football team won on Monday; there’s still one thing that needs to always happen. Simply put, you have to bathe, man! Whether you’re washing away yesterday’s funk or trying to keep your skin at its very best, this is “one of those things” that’s sort of a non-negotiable.

If you’re a 15 minute shower kind of guy, that works. Or, if you’d rather take your time and luxuriate in the tub, that’s just as great. These tips apply to all who want that clean feel! Either way, you want to make sure you’re cleansing your body the right way. Believe it or not, there is actually a wrong way. Read on and you’ll understand just what the heck we’re talking about. Gentlemen, it’s time to come clean once and for all!

Start With Dry Brushing


If you really don’t have a valuable extra minute or two to spare, you can go ahead and totally skip this step. But, if you’d rather get the ultimate benefits from your cleansing routine, start with dry brushing. Using gentle strokes, brush upward starting at your feet, and work all the way up to your chest. This quick-step process helps to slough off dry dead skin. Some studies show that it also can help tighten and smooth the look of aging skin. Pro Tip: Be sure to go for a brush with strong, firm bristles that won’t get all out of whack after only a few uses. Try ELEMIS Skin Brush.

Turn Up Water Temperature (But, Not Too Much!)

After a long hard day or putting in some overtime at the gym, a boiling hot shower may seem like the perfect alibi to blow off some of that steam and help relax your senses. Here’s the deal, it’s true that your senses may be treated fairly. What’s not true is that your skin will have the same kind of favor. In reality, overly hot water can cause the skin to become excessively dry. Keep temperatures at a medium setting to avoid completely drying out your skin.

Select The Best Cleansing Aid

So, you probably grew up using a general all-purpose washcloth right? Fair enough. Although this isn’t a horrible option, it just might not be the absolute best when it comes to body care. As hard as it may be to believe, washcloths tend to carry more germs and bacteria than most public toilet seats. You don’t need that kind of drama creeping up on your skin! Essentially, you can work up a nice lather and be germ-free by easily using your hands. If that isn’t the most ideal option for you, there’s also the cult-followed and highlight coveted Saux Nylon Japanese Beauty Skin Bath Wash Cloth. It features light nylon fabric that air dries quickly and has proven to be a lot more sterile than a loofah or traditional terry cloth.

Soap Vs. Body Wash

In recent years, soap has been getting a bit of a bad rap because of the claims pointing to it being too harsh on the skin. While this is valid for a significant amount of brands that haven’t updated their age-old formulas, there are still a huge variety of hard bars like Joanna Vargas Miracle Bar that cleanse while delivering moisturizing benefits and skin nourishing ingredients such as olive oil and shea butter. Alternatively, you can go with a liquid body wash, too. Most washes are not as harsh and less wasteful in terms of leaving behind gunk in your shower. Try Kiehl’s All-in-One Energizing Wash for Hair & Body. It not only cleanses your body but can also double as a hair shampoo.

Exfoliating Counts

After cleansing and your final step, take it a step further and make sure to exfoliate for a deep clean your skin will appreciate. Exfoliating is important for scrubbing away any stubborn layers of dry skin, excess oil production and can assist in clearing up any acne breakouts on the skin. Smooth on a scrub that isn’t excessively gritty like Frank Body’s Peppermint version. If your skin seems to be on the tougher side, you can exfoliate all over just about every other day. But, if you tend to have sensitive skin, start by only sloughing away about 1-2 times a week.