Skin Care

Why A Cleaner Face Means A Better Shave

Words by Chatel Theagene

man using Clarisonic alpha fit on bearded face

Words by Chatel Theagene

Stop now and take a minute to ask yourself, how up to par is your face cleansing routine? Have you been growing the beard for a few months now? Don’t feel yourself cutting that hard work any time soon? Well then, this question applies directly to you. If you’ve made the smart switch over to using a single blade system to shy away dreaded bumps and nicks, you’re probably just a few more quick steps away from an even smoother shave with clearer skin.

Facial hair has recently come under fire as having less than clean attributes. We’re talking a lack of cleanliness on the one part of our bodies folks see the most. Not a good look. But whether or not you believe the stigma surrounding the connection between beard bush and fecal matter, it’s time to take your daily routine seriously.

Let’s be honest, there is no definitive science behind getting the face clean and free of all bacteria, but having the right equipment could clear a smooth path to the skin you want. Ready to admit you’ve been skimping on cleaning the skin beneath the beard? You’re not alone. And with the facial hair trend likely to stick around for a bit longer, it’s time to take notes on what actually gets the job done.

Clean Shaver

If you take a razor to your skin every day, or several times a week, you’re automatically in the camp of needing to step up skin measures to make sure you have the cleanest and safest shave every time. Your prep game is sort of critical here, but essentially the key is to open up those pores and lean on a device like the Clarisonic Alpha Fit that can gently massage your cleanser of choice deep into your pores, using an oscillating rhythm that shifts back and forth.

If you’re on the every-day shave plan, apply a dab of your favorite cleanser to the Alpha Fit brush, and use the device’s first setting. This is designed for those who want that clean, whisker free shave. Round out your routine by prepping with a bit of priming oil, and a good lather before you finish off with the smoothest shave.

Beard Wearer

If you’re in a different lane, and growing out the beard – it pays to take this advice as well. Opening up those pores, either while in the shower or with a warm towel is sort of key to the success of things. But if you have more gruff, use the device’s power cleansing mode, which is specifically designed for a more deeper clean. If you’ve just wrapped a pretty intense workout, use this setting to do away with perspiration and greasy oil.

Face Facts

A cleaner face is seriously a major key to achieving a closer shave. Think less bumps, which means less irritation, especially if shave trauma has been your deal for way too long. Use at home, in the shower, or carry in your gym bag after the sweatiest of workouts to keep skin prime for your next shave.

We’ve already known the facts, but men’s skin is naturally richer in collagen, which just means from your forehead down to your neck, are areas that are more thick and need a different approach to staying clean.

With consistent use, over time you should notice smoother skin and a better ease when shaving. Let’s face it, bump free skin is always worth the extra effort.

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