Words by Dwight Hill

Summer is prime time for sports, sun, and plenty of travel. If you plan on hitting the road, it will grant the perfect opportunity to have some fun, but will also pose a significant challenge if you’re trying to maintain that fresh look.

You’ll need dedication and know-how to upkeep your aesthetic while on vacation. The following tips will provide some insight into maintaining your grooming regimen on the go.

Keep it Movin’ While Maintaining Normal Habits

It goes without saying that your surroundings on the road won’t provide the same level of familiarity as your personal bathroom. In spite of that, it’ll be important for you to keep following your normal grooming routine as closely as possible to maintain that “put together” look while you’re on the move.

First order of business, unless you’re staying luxe accommodation spots, like Ace Hotel or Wm. Mulherin’s Sons, try to avoid the myriad of hotel grooming supplies you’ll encounter. It’s free, but the flipside to using these generic products are the additives that’ll irritate your hair and skin. Generic brand formulas have a propensity to strip your body of its natural oils, so, instead of refreshing and moisturizing, they might well leave you dry and increase the likelihood of annoying breakouts.

Whatever products you use at home for shampooing, moisturizing, exfoliating, shaving, etc., you should continue to use during your travels to stay looking your best. That might be easier said than done, though, when you’re in a travel situation where your packing space is limited (and you’re deprived of you of many of your grooming necessities).

High Quality, More Space

The answer is to pack smart. Sure, you might not be able to fit full-sized versions of all your preferred grooming essentials in your travel toiletries bag, but you can easily turn to miniature products like the new Bevel Minis and two-in-one options that will provide you with enough shave and skin care supplies to last your journey.

To maximize your carrying capacity, follow some of the best practices for packing your grooming gear, including compartmentalizing your products so you can make use of all the available space in your bag.

Be Ready to Adapt

In addition to continuing with your usual grooming habits, you should be prepared to add a few extras into your routine while you’re traveling to keep yourself in tip-top form.

For example, summer means an increase in direct sunlight and heat. Both can have an adverse effect on your skin (like nasty sunburns), so protect yourself by including some sunblock in your moisturizer and imbibing plenty of water while you’re out and about. If you find yourself sweating a lot, get in the habit of reapplying sunblock every few hours to keep your skin covered.

We already mentioned how stripping too many oils from the skin can pose an issue, but an excess of oils can also prove troublesome. Depending on what climate you’re heading to, you might find your skin becoming a bit more greasy than usual. A secret weapon to keep on you is the occasional face wipe, in addition to your morning facial wash to prevent blotchiness, redness, or breakouts.

Don’t Forget to Sleep

Getting ample sleep during a trip can be a difficult tip to follow (especially if you’re amped up from all the excitement) but it’s wholly necessary if you want to give your body the time to replenish.

Jet lag can leave your skin looking tired. Following up a long flight by ignoring sleep will put even more punishment on your skin. Just as you would at home, remember to get those seven to eight hours of rest every night on the road. You’ll feel better and look healthier by blessing your body time to recharge. Vacation naps, anyone?