Landing your dream job–or any job, for that matter–is difficult. The odds are often stacked against you, and if you don’t have the funds to move to an epicenter like NYC or LA within a week’s notice, it can feel even more frustrating. If you do land the role, though, there’s still plenty of figurative (and literal) work to be done, and that includes becoming a bona fide professional.

Professionalism can take many forms. For some, being a professional means something as simple as doing good work and being punctual, while for others, professionalism means something a little deeper. This is Bevel, so we’re going to focus on the style and grooming aspects of the game to help elevate your stock in the rat race and rise above the rest of your peers in the workplace.

To Shave, Or Not to Shave?

hair skin care grooming work mens professional styleThis is becoming more of the question as modern workplaces continue to err on the side of casualness. Beards are big business, but can also affect the way others perceive you. Now, whether that’s good or bad depends on your unique work situation, but here’s a couple of rules of thumb to consider:

If you insist on keeping your facial hair, make sure your giving it that routine maintenance. Whether you decide to do it at home or enlist the help of a barber, keep your beard in check with the proper tools and techniques. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and that goes double for the follicles on your face.

If you prefer being clean shaven, the rules still apply: groom well, groom often. We’ve already covered some of the best shaving techniques and habits, so it’s time to put them to good use. Routine is important here, for the moment you fall out of schedule, it’ll be noticeable.

Treat Your Skin

hair skin care grooming work mens professional styleThick or thin, your skin is there to protect you, no matter what, so the least you can do is take the proper steps to look less like a zombie when going into work in the mornings. Aside from staying hydrated, make sure you take special care of areas where your skin is more sensitive, like under your eyes.

Invest in a good toner, moisturizer, and cleanser for daily care, and on those rare occasions, you go out on a work night, make good use of an under-eye cream or roll-on to help revitalize.

A Little Off the Top

hair skin care grooming work mens professional styleKeeping the hair on top of your head clean and composed is equally important to the rest of your body. We’re not saying you need to keep a fresh fade, but whatever your preferred style, you need to make sure it’s cleaned up and presentable. This can be accomplished either at home or at your favorite shop, but consistency is key. If you have long hair or dreads, keep your kitchen tidy and dreads in check, and you be fine.

Being a professional in today’s society has taken on a few new meanings, giving you more wiggle room to express your individual style, but there are still traditional guidelines you need to be mindful of to keep you from being stuck out there looking crazy. Find the right combination of routines, stick to them and perfect them. Consistency is what’s gonna get you from a regular Reggie into a grooming god… with the corner office.