Words by Chatel Theagene

Pressing the reset button on any grooming routine is more often a necessary ritual that most men tend to ignore. If you’re asking yourself, well what’s the point of going the extra mile when texture is already poppin, and you’re turning heads with that fresh fade?

Well the easiest answer lies in the benefits. If you find your hair may be thinning in spots, scalp looks a bit flakier as of late, or if your tried and true products aren’t making the cut anymore, it’s time to evaluate some stuff. Bottom line, it’s more about what we can’t see and acknowledging that no maintenance game comes with an easy streak – meaning you must put in the work! So even if you find yourself rockin the perfect hairstyle, it means nothing if you still don’t have proper hair game.

A Deeper Cleanse

Giving hair a deeper clarifying cleanse after weeks (or months if you’re a man on the go) of everyday styling and primping can mean the equivalent of giving your hair a clean bill of health. Dealing with limp, dry hair lately or know those stylers are leading to an excess in buildup? An effective detoxing shampoo like this can help invigorate follicles and clear out unwanted scalp debris . Dubbed a ‘rejuvenating juice cleanse for your hair,’ this detox shampoo is equipped with peppermint oil to soothe the scalp while still providing a gentle cleanse without stripping hair of it’s natural oils.

Clean Slate

A quiet misconception that most face when cleansing is that clean hair adds up to a clean scalp. Not the case. An easy trick to make sure scalp gets to it’s cleanest, is to apply treatment directly to the scalp. And if time is typically of the essence, consider transferring to an easy to pour applicator bottle and apply directly to scalp. It should be a no brainer, but a healthy scalp truly means healthier hair. Cleansers with antibacterial ingredients (neem, lavender, tea tree, chamomile) should be at the top of the list when on the hunt for a scalp cleanser.

Treat Yourself

It’s hard to reiterate the benefits of conditioning hair after a quick shampoo. But adding a deep treatment or hair masque to the mix once a week can alleviate this step from your routine completely. Deep treatments are seriously the fix you didn’t think you needed. Often labeled as repairing and protective in how they are formulated to replenish lost moisture and restore hair’s natural elasticity, committing to a once-a-week deep treatment dive can help combat a ton of issues [can also boost hair growth]. Look for code words like ‘hydrating mask’ to get the best for your buck.

Stay Trimmed

Often an overlooked step in keeping hair in it’s best shape is getting a trim. Listen up, this is not a woman’s thing! What does trimming accomplish? For those with thick, coarse hair that’s easily prone to breakage and split ends, trimming avoids inevitable damaged strands, while keeping you ahead of the curve. Preventative care is often the best route when you want to avoid the plague of tangles and any mode of hair loss. Try to seek the help of a professional when you’re ready for a trim, ask questions, and if your barber knows more about clippers than he does sheers, keep looking.

The Natural Fix

If you’re short on time, and already on your hair grind when it comes to keeping the scalp clean while tending to those split ends, an easy weekly maintenance trick like adding a few drops of tea tree or lavender oil to your daily shampoo can help balance the natural ph of hair and scalp while combating any fungal situations that tend to flare up. Detox in the plainest sense can also mean rectifying a few bad habits, so make sure to also re-up on your water intake and take stock of your eating habits that may be contributing to your hair’s overall health. Consider adding lemons to your daily dose of H2O – while a great source vitamin C, it can help alkalize the body while also helping burn fat.