Words by Chatel Theagene

This one was meant to be easy – shampoo, rinse, sometimes repeat. But over the years as we figured out better ways to care for textured hair, the learning curve has made a sharp lean in a new direction.

So what have we learned? Turns out coarse, textured hair can often go a cool five days in between washes – in fact it’s healthier, & here’s why. A good many shampoos on the market are made to strip away dirt, grime and any lingering residue your hair may accumulate. No crime there. Yet most contain harsh detergent-like chemicals that can damage hair when used excessively. Even more downside? Most naturally producing oils found in textured hair are often washed away along with all the suds.

Dermatologists agree, lessening the amount of time you shampoo can not only help overcome dryness, but the overall health of hair improves pretty significantly. This turns into far less breakage, better overall manageability and you might even see fewer flakes. Depending on your grooming needs and lifestyle, we suggest washing 1-3 times a week max?

Now if you’re asking if it’s still okay to shampoo your hair every day, the simplest answer is, yes – as long as you’re using the proper products. Let’s break it down.


Photo: Aveda Men's

The first rule of thumb when it comes to our hair type is to combat dryness, so start by looking for cleansers tailored for our hair. And yeah, we get it, options are great – but research has shown that no two shampoos are ever alike. Here’s where to look for words like moisturizing, low-sulfate or even sulfate free. We love Aveda’s Pure Performance shampoo, a sulfate-free cleanser that not only cuts back on scalp dryness, but also conditions while it works.


Photo: Jack Black

You can still get away with shampooing less, we promise. If hair feels grimy to the touch, a quick rinse with nothing but water is enough to break up any dirt. But if you notice an oily scalp or start to grow weary of itchiness, don’t be afraid to switch it up and shampoo your hair clean. If you’re on the go, try Jack Black’s Double Header Shampoo + Conditioner for a quick, gentle cleanse that hydrates both hair & scalp.


Photo: Purely Perfect

Most conditioners on the market come formulated with just the right amount of cleansing agents to keep hair dirt free. Different textures naturally call for different approaches of care, but here’s where you can switch it up by using a daily conditioner to cleanse, and a shampoo once a week to clarify and rid hair of product buildup. We’re new fans of the suds-free Purely Perfect Cleansing Crème.


If you’re finding it difficult to make the change to shampooing less, first try taking a few baby steps by switching to cleansing every other day, then lean into every third day. Pay attention to any noticeable differences in moisture retention and feel of hair. Remember, caring for textured hair is about nourishment – so feed hair what it craves [moisture!] as opposed to stripping it of its essential needs.