It’s a common af — you’ve just finished a long day of work, you come home with a list of things you wanna get done, but you barely make it to your couch before you collapse, only to wake up a few minutes before your alarm goes off and you have to do the damn thang all over again. Wash, rinse, repeat.

It’s that ‘end of the day’ slump that’s robbing you of time you’d rather be spending kicking it with your peoples or on that side project or hobby. You could go about hoarding that energy in a bunch of different ways, but here’s our suggested approach.

Hit the Ground Running…

A big key in sustaining that energy (even for the OGs) is to keep your “momentum steady” after returning from work. Instead of jumping into that quick game of 2k, only to end up glued to your sofa all night, keep it moving by engaging in some physical activity. It could be a light jog, some calisthenics, some weight lifting — however you prefer to move your body, just keep it moving for a good half hour or more.

black lifestyle health wellnessWhile you’re engaging in this light-to-moderate exercise, you should also be resetting your brain. Instead of letting it wander on all the other things you want to do, stay in the moment. Unplug (no phone or emails) and give this physical portion of the evening some present attention. Once it’s all said and done, you should be feeling renewed and ready for that downtime, like Lebron doin’ load management. (Do you, #King.)

Take Care (No Drizzy)

Now it’s time to address your needs. Take a shower, eat a light meal, and, depending on what time it is, take a short (emphasis on short) nap. About a half hour is the major key; anything longer than that and you run the risk diving into the abyss for the night, which will put you in a mega sleep deficit come tomorrow. Pay it forward and give ‘future you’ something to be thankful for.

Skip the Caffeine and Alcohol

black lifestyle health wellnessYou might be tempted to have a cup of coffee to stay awake, or a glass of whiskey to unwind. Try avoiding both and see how you feel next time around. Caffeine, while it can be helpful at times, can turn into an evening crutch. Your goal is to have energy regardless, remember? Alcohol after work can also become habit-forming, and can also disrupt your sleep in the long term. Best to not get lost in the sauce, and instead, save it for special occasions.

Eat Good, Live Good

Coming home and splurging on junk food is not only unhealthy — it’s antisocial. Instead of packing on unneeded calories that’ll only serve to wig-snatch you of energy down the line, make a conscious effort to make mealtime a high priority.

If you live alone, try plan a healthy dinner with a few friends. If you’re the family sort, make dinner a family occasion, and make sure to keep technology from the table while you’re eating. You’d be surprised how much energy a bit of socializing can do for the mind state.

Dig for That Inspo

black lifestyle health wellnessOne final thing that can give you some extra drive after work is having a project that you actually give a f**k about. And nah, not more work from your job, mind you, but a personal thing that you find fascinating. Try restoring an old car to its former glory, or get involved in a painting or ceramics class. Take up photography/videography or music production.

Whatever it is, make certain that it engages your mind and forces you to think outside of your normal ‘box’. That way, when you get home, you’ll have something to look forward to in your routine that’ll spur you to action, even when you might be feeling drained.

The thing about inspiration is that you can’t wait for it to find you, you have to go out and find it.