Words by Randy Em
Image via: Master Williams

It rare to mention jewelry and mens style in the same breath.

And though we’re not here to dictate whether a man’s wardrobe needs to be masculine or not, we certainly believe that the simple and careful consideration of accessories throughout an outfit can help turn something seemingly ordinary into something uniquely charming. We’re not talking about 2 Chainz-levels of shine here. Let’s bring it back to something simplistic and sophisticated.

When executed properly, jewelry can add a certain degree of subtle personality. The trick is to integrate it into your look with the outer assumption that you ‘casually’ stumbled upon it during your journey through life. It shouldn’t say too much, but it shouldn’t be without purpose either.

The best pieces of jewelry inject a layer of dynamics to your wardrobe. For the average guy, looks that include crafty materials like brass, silver, and leather can sometimes come about seldomly, so what better way to incorporate these rich textures than with jewelry?


man mens jewelry accessories fall 2015 styleRight off the bat, watches are going to be a go-to pick for the majority of men out there, regardless of style savviness. They’re classic, timeless (ironically), and simple as hell to class up without breaking the bank.

Just like we mentioned before, the type of watch you decide to roll with is dictated by the lifestyle you lead, so make sure you’re not just strapping any old piece of metal (or leather) on to the wrist. This is going to serve as a major anchor is whatever else you got going on, outfit-wise.

Good day-to-day selections from Daniel Wellington, Timex, and Komono give us solid ranges of complementary choices that are flexible in terms of casual and classy. Leather or grosgrain are prime examples of two types of watch-straps you could rock to both to a daytime excursion and to a business meeting, seamlessly.

Bracelets & Bangles

man mens jewelry accessories fall 2015 styleAlright, so now we’re stepping out of beginner’s territory. If you’re going to venture into implementing bracelets and bangles, be weary of what you’re using it to compliment.

It can be utilized by itself to bring additional layers to your outfit or it can work alongside other accessories to provide some subtle contrasting. Just like watches, they have the ability to be dressed up or down, and as an example, things like woven leather bracelets can give you that very type of versatility.

man mens jewelry accessories fall 2015 styleMetal pieces like stainless steel bangles were once unchartered territory for men, but we’re starting to see more of it become the norm. If you wore a grosgrain-strap watch or a woven bracelet, for instance, a good offset might be to work in a thin silver bangle. The main caution we would heed is to avoid overdoing it with too many pieces on the same arm (aka the arm party). Visually, it looks like overcompensation, and particularly if it’s all-metal, overshine and excessive metal clanging are potential consequences. Let’s not turn our wardrobes into medieval suits of armor.


man mens jewelry accessories fall 2015 styleIn some ways, necklaces are a small window into certain eras. If it’s too short and feels a bit choked out, then it’s reminiscent of the 90’s. If it’s overly-long or chunky, it feels like the early 00’s G-Unit era and comes across as comical. The problem with necklaces and chains of the past is that they were trying to hard to be the centerpiece. It’s unfortunate that we can’t all be Slick Rick, but trust.. For us regular folks, it’ll be for the better.

The middle ground seems to be where things have resided these days and it’s with good reason. Men are smartening up and deciding that necklaces, though not as prevalent as they once were, ought to serve rightfully as an accessory – not as the main act.

man mens jewelry accessories fall 2015 styleMore discreet and subtle flavors of chains have come into fruition. Metal, beaded, and leather pieces are what fits ideal to contemporary standards and they all come bearing a single resemblance – being understated. This means medium lengths. Being thinner and more discreet. And not having to carry the look-at-me burden. Opt for a small pendant to weigh it all down and mix it with a simple t-shirt for that cool, classic, and effortless look.

Rings & Pins

man mens jewelry accessories fall 2015 styleThis is for the well-seasoned style bros out there. Anyone who is a master at their craft pays attention to even the tiniest, miniscule details and that’s exactly why rings and pins deserve some love.

Even the smallest metal pieces have a way of subconsciously poking out and helps you to round out the edges of a final look. When combined with rugged pieces, like distressed denim and well-worn, perfect-fitting white tees, it has the ability to translate absolute confidence.

man mens jewelry accessories fall 2015 stylePins, alternatively, fit into this category of giving you the final touches, but also give slight functionality when paired with certain things like scarves or bandanas. The way you style yourself is an expression of yourself, so keep in mind that the subtle pieces of flare that you need to zoom-in on to notice are what separates your unique insight and personality from the rest of the pack.