Words by Tyrus Townsend

Packing is an art form that very few ever master. Most of us tend to over pack, without regards to checked bag fees, and let’s be honest, hardly ever wear most of the garments we bring along. So instead of the stress and headaches of incorrectly stuffing a huge amount into a bag learn to pack with finesse and a purpose. Think #TeamCarryOn

Our team at Bevel Code have rounded up a bevy of six influencers and asked their expert advice on how to, in the words of E. Badu, “pack light.” There is a lesson in these testimonials so take notes and remember these tips the next time you take out your carry-on piece and passport for a jaunt around the world.

Emil Wilbekin

IG: @emilwilbekin
Current Location: New York City

Occupation: President of World Of Wilbekin; Founder of Native Son

Method of Packing: “I’m very methodical about packing when I travel. I typically only like to pack carry on — unless I’m traveling for an extended time. I start by picking a color scheme and work everything around that color. For example if it’s navy blue, I will pack a navy blazer, navy sweater, denim shirt, white shirt (you always pack a white shirt), neutral t-shirts (white, grey, navy) and a pair of blue jeans. This way everything works together and I can mix and match.”

Favorite Travel Essentials: “My favorite travel essentials are my Jake Spade duffle bag, Harmon Kardon Esquire portable speaker, Louis Vuitton Monogram duffle, Ray Ban Aviators, and my OAK scarf. If I have these… I’m good to go.

Favorite Place to Travel + Future Travel Plans: “I love traveling to Los Angeles from New York City, it gives me balance and light. I’m planning to travel to Paris this spring.”

Mark S. Luckie

IG: @marksluckie

Current Location: Atlanta, GA

Occupation: CEO, SouledOut Cinema

Method of Packing: “I like zipping through airports as quickly as possible so I pack military style in one carry-on bag. That means cutting down on the pants and shoes but it’s amazing how much you can fit into a nice duffel!”

Favorite Travel Essentials: “I can’t live without my headphones and a portable speaker to get the music going in my hotel room. My grooming bag, including a wave brush, razor and moisturizers (no hotel brands, please) is a must have. And no matter the climate, I pack a pair of swimming trunks… just in case.”

Favorite Place to Travel + Future Travel Plans: “I love the Caribbean isles, especially Aruba and Curacao. My favorite trips have been to far flung locations like Kampala, Uganda and Novosibirsk, Russia. I like random trips so the more off-the-beaten path the better!

Isaiah Michael Joyner

IG: @isaiahmichaelj

Current Location: New York, New York

Occupation: Founder of Reserv Concierge

Method of Packing: “I am a “just in case” type of packer. I pack two extra of everything. So more than likely, I’m checking a bag.”

Favorite Travel Essentials: “A Byredo or Diptyque travel size candle. Creates the perfect ambiance for any room.”

Favorite Place to Travel + Future Travel Plans: “New Orleans! I’ve been five times this year. Next up in 2017 is solo trip to Paris and possibly Shanghai.”

Raub Welch

IG: @veryraub

Current Location: Chicago, IL

Occupation: Visual Artist/Designer

Method of Packing: “I’m not the guy who packs lightly. I know in today’s world everything is streamed lined to the bare minimum, but I must confess, I am that person who packs 8 pairs of shoes, top coats, a few suits and tons of shirts. I alway pack the wardrobe staples and build from those items. I have learned to pack the most valuable items on my person or in the carry all. It could be clothes, jewerly, you name it, if its important its close to me.”

Favorite Travel Essentials: “My must have for travel is some type of camera so I remember everything. My life revolves around the visual so its important for me to remember what I saw. I also swear by travel size room sprays. I’m pretty picky about hotel odor. Winter travel demands heavy wool socks. I love lounging around with socks that feel like carpet underfoot.

Favorite Place to Travel: “Paris for so many reasons. Everything is better in Paris–the air feels better in Paris.”

Sox (Vann)

IG: @dirtysox

Current Location: Toronto, Canada

Occupation: Owner / Designer 2 The Dirty Inc.

Method of Packing: For short trips under one week nothing more than my Rimowa Carry On and a backpack + travel bag. Keep it simple. Pack easy to pack items and stay with solids.

Favorite Travel Essentials: Small portable clippers for the beard and wipes for shoes. (Always gotta be fresh and clean!!!)

Favorite Place to Travel + Future Travel Plans: Italy. Twice a year, we go to Europe and at least once to Italy. We’re traveling through Asia this winter specifically Cambodia and Bora Bora.

Trystin Kier Francis

IG: @trystinkiercompany

Current Location: Washington, DC

Occupation: Interior Designer and CEO

Method of Packing: I pack efficiently! I bring the essentials for an evening dinner, beach attire, something very light and comfortable to sleep in, and several leisure outfits for exploring the environment that make a statement!

Favorite Travel Essentials: Dope sunglasses, a driving loafer, Khiels Day Time Serum, a good book, and a great time piece.

Favorite Place to Travel + Future Travel Plans: I love the Caribbean I am currently vacationing with friends in Martinique and will be traveling to Milan and St. Barths in 2017