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black men clothing style patterns
Style Patterns for black men

Words by Randy Em

Anyone who is anyone will tell you that New York is the breeding ground for fashion and arts tastemaking. This is  made evident by the never ending list of glowing examples, in particular, the streetwear heavyweight, Staple.

From small beginnings as a silkscreen t-shirt company in 1997, Staple has steadily grown into a full-fledged global entity, helmed by the man himself, Jeff Staple. With its signature pigeon logo, Staple has garnered one of the most respectable reputations in New York street culture and steadily continues to build upon their now-extensive history of design and apparel collections.

 Bevel Style Clothing Patterns for black men

For spring/summer 2014, Staple looks to portray a collection within the common theme of “attracting opposites”. Each piece utilizes a unique mix of materials and patterns, melding a vast array of contrasting elements together to form an interesting form of cohesiveness.

Additionally, the NYC-based label chose to connect with two distinct artists in order to breathe new perspective into the latest collection pieces. First is Dave White of UK-descent, who was commissioned for his sharp and meticulous ability as an artist known for his distinct brush stroke. His designs can be seen throughout the collection, giving a colorful and vivid injection of life into each piece.

black men clothing patterns and style

The second artist recruited goes by the name Jack Stoker, also from the UK. Stoker is most renowned among online circles for his accurate depiction of popular and iconic sneaker illustrations, using precise geometric lines with little-to-no curves and gradients within his works of art. His angular styles in conjunction with Dave White and the Staple design team have come together to form an unlikely trio that that has created something truly special.

black men clothing style patterns

This season’s capsule contains an outstanding palette of colors, as seen within its wide selection of striped polos, bomber jackets, and loose-fitted shorts (just to name a few). And as with every season, Staple offers up some of their signature silhouettes, boasting vintage patterns and eye-catching colorways on a number of t-shirts and button-downs.

You can always count on Staple to offer up a perfect mix of classic basics and sportswear with new and exciting colors and patterns. This season is certainly no exception.