Words and photography by Aundre Larrow

A while back, I started doing a portrait series called #itsagoodlook to offer a glimpse into the codes that the everyday guy lives by. We decided to bring the series back to Bevel Code each Friday to give you some inspiration for the weekend.

Whether it’s grooming, fashion or in life; these are just a few of the qualities that define our culture. That’s the goal of our features section; to shine a light on the attainability of any lifestyle through hard work and discipline. In the end, these codes are meant to inspire you to be your best self.

Every Bevel Man Has A Code.
Maintain promises.

Support local business.
Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Bevel Code: What or who inspires your style?

Marquelle: My style is inspired by the things I’ve been exposed to in life. I was fortunate enough to live in Europe for a brief period of time, and my time there exposed me to a new way of dress, creating this lens of possibility. I would also say growing as a man has increased my confidence and encouraged me to try things.

BC: What are your fashion rules?

MTG: I don’t have any rules. And that’s mostly because I focus more on style rather than fashion. Fashion is the business of selling clothing and communicating it to customers. Style is how you interpret it. Fashion is what you inhale and style is what you exhale.

Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist in DUMBO, Brooklyn

Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist in DUMBO, Brooklyn
BC: How has working in fashion impacted your style rules?

MTG: Fortunately, I work in fashion so it’s a fine balance between being on trend and this “American” approach to prep and clean lines. Because certain parts of the industry are liberal, I’m privy to some styles before they’re mainstream, and I get to “test” them.

BC: Why this haircut?

MTG: Much like my style, this haircut allows me to express my creativity, while still maintaining a clean and polished look. I’m a fashion buyer, so to be on trend is important. But I also must appear as an authority in my area of buying (menswear including suiting).

BC: What does NY mean to you? How do you feel when you’re there?

MTG: NYC means liberation. It means going with your gut and taking risks. Prior to moving from North Carolina, most folks would say I was very safe because I come from a conservative state but I’ve learned to live differently and to be open. When I’m here, I feel this sense of consistent inspiration. Inspiration is in the air!

BC: Why is self-expression important?

MTG: Self-expression allows you to vent without saying anything. It can highlight your mood and ties into body language, which is the only true universal language. It took me 29 years to accept my entire being, and now I wanna share it in an unapologetic way.

BC: What gives you a sense of pride?

MTG: Believing in my vision and seeing it come to life gives me a sense of pride. Over a year ago I started a project called The New Stereotype, which celebrates and highlights the many diverse layers of black life in America through fashion, photography, and film. To see a simple vision come to fruition makes me feel proud. I remember reading once where Tristan Walker said, “Take a simple idea and take it seriously.” To stick to something you believe in and consistently see the support of others gives me a sense of pride.
Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist in DUMBO, Brooklyn

Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist in DUMBO, Brooklyn

Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist in DUMBO, Brooklyn
BC: How does professionalism work with your style and cut?

MTG: Everything that I wear is interconnected. The navy suit with pinstripes speaks to a classic look, but the double breast adds in a hint of trend. That same idea is present with the tie as it is a simple print but it’s a knit tie. Typically, someone might wear brogues or monk straps, but I’ve opted for a smoking slipper instead. While my haircut is rather “conservative,” the fade is somewhat the idea of trend. As mentioned earlier, my overall style relates to this notion of being on trend but also denotes authority. Professionalism is defined based on your industry and that’s what speaks to mine.

BC: What are your wardrobe must haves?

MTG: Currently, I’m obsessed with two things: double breasted suits and smoking slippers (as you can see). Double breasted suits create an instant regality to suits, which highlights an elevation that’s exciting. Furthermore, I always say “two breasts are always better than one.” Secondly, smoking slippers are extremely versatile. They’re perfect for suits, jeans, shorts, business professional, refined casual, and even formal events.

BC: How do professionalism and fashion compliment each other?

MTG: They’re connected because they speak to the industry’s culture. For example, many think of bankers for muted pinstripes, spread collar white shirts, and conservatively printed ties. Pinstripes speak to confidence, spread collars channel a level of seriousness, and the tie is a sign of conservatism. These are all elements one expects in a banker: confidence, seriousness, and conservatism.
Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist in DUMBO, Brooklyn

Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist in DUMBO, Brooklyn

Marquelle Turner-Gilchrist in DUMBO, Brooklyn
BC: Is there such a thing as over dressing?

MTG: Impossible.

BC: What are your go-to looks when you aren’t rocking a suit?

MTG: A tailored trouser and jacket with an oxford shirt and loafers are always appropriate. I also have this recent interest in clean trainers from brands like Axel Arigato, THEY, and Common Projects. When I feel a bit more relaxed, I still enjoy joggers. They’ve had their moment, but I still find them quite interesting.