The Best Glasses to Suit Your Face

Words by Kathy Iandoli

Words by Kathy Iandoli

For some men, shopping for glasses can seem like a difficult purchase. Once your’re handed a prescription for lenses, a few factors are sure to follow. Both the length and width of your glasses are important things to consider, especially when it comes to the shape of your face. And let’s be real, frames are expensive. So in the end, that purchase has to make sense all around.

After all, you’ll more than likely be sporting them morning, noon, and night, so it’s best to be happy with your pick. It may sound funny, but there’s a science to matching your glasses to your face. We’re here to break that down for you by prominent face shapes — face first, and then your frames. Check out your options below.


Oval Face

Congratulations, oval faces! You have a perfect face shape for glasses. Since the oval shape is quite ideal symmetrically, a variety of frames will work on your face. Try rectangle, square, circle, oval, rounded edges, squared edges, rimless, semi-rimless, horn-rimmed, aviators. The world is yours!


Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face is typically wider up top, then narrows as you get to your chin, literally like the shape of a heart. In this instance, the most effective frames will make your jawline appear broader while minimizing the wider parts of the top of your head (particularly if you have a larger forehead). Round frames help this out (especially ones with a brow bar at the top). Even frames with no rims are effective for heart-shaped faces.


Round Face

Round faces are exactly how they sound: circular without distinctive angles. Cheekbones are typically not as evenly defined as other face shapes, so frames to choose would be ones that extend beyond the cheek to give off an illusion of definition. Rectangular frames work well here (not necessarily square), provided the frame width goes beyond your cheek. Angled frames are good, too. These frames can often make the face appear slimmer and longer, which is a problem many round-faced individuals have when it’s time to wear glasses.


Square Face

Again, this face shape is exactly how it sounds: very dramatic angles from your forehead to your chin. Features are even, but striking. For this type of face, the best frames are those that will soften those angles. Choosing soft-angled frames will achieve this, as anything too dramatic will only accentuate strong features. Opt for thin or rimless frames with rounded edges.

Diamond Face

While diamond faces aren’t the most popular at the face store, there are certain frames perfect for this type of face. A diamond face is more narrow at the top and bottom than it is in the cheekbone area. The key with that kind of face type is to accentuate the narrower parts of your face. Choose rimless frames or ones that are partially rimless, as semi-rimless frames can have a decorated rim at the brow line and accentuate that area.


Oblong Face

An oblong face is tricky. You may have a longer face and a strong nose, as well as strong cheekbones. This makes for a case by case basis for your face. Some benefit from aviator-style glasses, while others may opt for semi-rimless and narrow frames. The key is to find frames that will appear to shorten your face and give it some more width while taking away from stronger features.