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Summer Style in NYC With Daily Mister

Words by Randy Em

Daily Mister shows off a polished summer look.

Words by Randy Em
Photography by Aundre Larrow

Amongst the heavy hustle of a vibrant Brooklyn scene, McArthur Joseph walks to a beat of his own drum.  A man of style, he’s uninterrupted by the external noises of boring trends and flavors of the week. Particularly in a place like Bed Stuy, standing out in a sea of noise takes some serious fortitude and creativity in order to stand tall.

By the age of seventeen, Joseph was already shifting the gears in motion, from being a New Jersey born-and-bred kid, developing himself into a bonafide man of New York City street culture with professional writing, styling, and DJing attributes to his name. In addition to his current role as a PR digital consultant, Mac’s early days interning at Vibe Magazine and Fashion Indie helped develop his unique vision for contrasting streetwear with tailored menswear fits, as seen on his fashion-forward approach to everyday styling at Daily Mister.

With the hot weather in full swing, we sat down with Joseph to chat about summer style in the city, how the seasons tie into it all, and some insight into some select looks that might give you an idea of how to really set things off proper for that perfect summer fit.

Daily Mister rocks a casual summer look. Daily Mister rocks a casual summer look.

On Day-to-Day Style Influence…

MJ: I take inspiration from everything. It’s the people I see on the sidewalk, on the subway. I’m like always looking at people, like, “That’s a dope jacket,” or, “I never thought of wearing a scarf that way.” Obviously pop culture and trends [add to that]. For me, personally, I’d rather see, someone on the train who looks really good as opposed to seeing, you know, GQ or another magazine tell me, “No, you have to wear suits with sneakers now.” I’d rather see a kid or an artist who I think is dope do it, rather than [a magazine] telling me to do it.

New York City is a huge inspiration because it’s very rare to be in a place where one minute, everyone is dressed [one way], and another minute, everyone is dressed [another]. Whether you’re going to a bar or a party, there are so many different people from so many different walks of life and it just lends well. Like, you can have someone who’s a complete hip-hop head at the same party as someone in a three-piece suit. They listen to the same music and vibe out; that’s pretty cool.

On Summer Fashion vs Fall Fashion…

MJ: You know, what I think most people like about Fall is that you’re able to wear outerwear, layer and add different dimensions. The really interesting aspect about Summer, though, is that it forces you to have something else. In the winter you’re forced to [say to yourself], “Okay, I have to wear a jacket ‘cause it’s cold outside.” Whereas during Summertime, it’s 92 degrees — you can’t wear 30 different layers. Essentially, it challenges you to do different things. You’re playing with textures and materials. You can still wear a long sleeve shirt, but how are you gonna style it? [It’s challenging] to wear with big baggy pants. You can wear it with shorts, but it’s like how are you going to accomplish that?

I do think Summer helps to think outside the box because, at the end of the day, I don’t think I’ll ever be just a shorts-and- shirt guy (laughter). I’m not that guy. So it forces me to ask myself how I’m going to showcase my style and not be boring.

When it comes to Summer, you definitely see a lot more color. Especially when you have your tropical shirts, short-sleeved shirts — things like that that are just much more fun. And with all the festivals going on and everything, you’re just allowed to be a lot more festive and colorful. You get to play with different prints and things like that a lot more than in the Winter.

On The Current State of Men’s Fashion…

MJ: I’m personally excited for men’s fashion. At the end of the day, we’ll still have the heritage brands that are gonna do the suit/ties, there’s still gonna be the Americano brands, and that (for me) is never going to change. I’m completely fine with that because there are so many other brands  doing awesome and different things. For so long it was only women’s fashion that was allowed to progress and men’s fashion wouldn’t change — it was maybe five to ten years before a new trend would even happen. Whereas now, you have designers — European and American — who are like changing the game constantly and saying, “we’re gonna add this element or that to it” or “we’re gonna add a European or an Asian influence.” From there, now what? Your favorite basketball player’s gonna be in the street looking like this. Your favorite rapper’s gonna be looking like that. And then it trickles down, and so guys everywhere become more open and start looking things up.

Look 1: Dressed Up Casual

Daily Mister in Asos Shirt Daily Mister in Asos Shirt Daily Mister in Asos Shirt

Shirt: Asos
Pants: Asos
Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Hat: Urban Outfitters

This looks draws from classic dandyism while mixing in the current retro trend you see from designers like David Hart. This is a great look if you’re trying to impress anyone on a date, family function, or office party.

Look 2: Suit Reinvented

Daily Mister in Indochino Suit. Daily Mister in Indochino Suit. Daily Mister in Indochino Suit.

Suit: Indochino
Tank: H&M
Shoes: Steve Madden
Hat: Stetson

You can wear a suit a ton of ways, even though most guys will just pair it with a shirt and tie. It’s summertime so I picked a suit with personality. The white tank allows the suit to seems less stuffy and make it work from the office to wherever your favorite late night spot.