The bald look is becoming very popular, with many young men choosing to shave their heads for a striking and attractive style. Shaving one’s head can lead to many of the same issues as facial shaving, such as razor bumps, skin dryness and irritation, and small nicks or cuts. Using a quality double-edge safety razor for bald shaving can resolve some of these issues.

Head Shaving Using a Double-Edge Safety Razor

The skin on the scalp is very sensitive and can easily become irritated with regular shaving. Using a double edge safety razor can be a good alternative way to get the bald look, as this type of razor helps reduce the risk of razor bumps and skin irritation. The single blade aims to cut the hair close to the skin (but not beneath), without cutting so close that there is an increased risk of ingrown hairs.

Wet shaving your head with a double-edge razor can take some time to get used to, particularly as the angles are awkward when shaving around the back of the head. It is important to apply a high-quality shaving cream before starting, and then you should work slowly and methodically, being careful to remove hairs from each area before moving on.

After shaving your head, apply after-shave lotion to help soothe the skin and reduce instances of irritation. This step helps to moisturize and also helps reduces inflammation of any sore spots.