Season 1
10 Episodes


10 men were asked to look in the mirror and share their shaving stories.

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Episode 1


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Kanyi recalls the ‘daily indignity' of shaving he and his father shared growing up.

Episode 2


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Paul on how he views grooming as artwork in shaping his appearance to the outside world.

Episode 3


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JoeKenneth on his Brooklyn upbringing and why it’s important to tell our stories in the world today.

Episode 4


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Mir stresses the importance of grooming as it relates to religion and wellness.

Episode 5


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Ajene on how Bevel helps him own his identity.

Episode 6


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Michael speaks about being a person of color and how it creates common ground.

Episode 7


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Tristan Walker, our founder & CEO, speaks about the lessons he’ll teach his son when he starts shaving.

Episode 8


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Kyme remembers how his grandfather taught him to shave.

Episode 9


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Rich speaks about his skin health and why he chooses to shave with Bevel, everyday.

Episode 10


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Broderick on why he became his own barber.

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