Establishing a consistent skin care routine is one thing, but what if you want to throw a full-on shave regimen into the mix? Your skin care steps will become slightly different, but still plenty manageable, as long as you follow the Bevel protocol. Read on to check out how to finesse the two together with ease.

Skin Care + The Morning Shave

bevel shave skin care routineThe morning is usually the best time to shave your face, for two reasons. First off, if you have fast-growing facial hair, the morning shave will save you from having to wake up with a face full of stubble (no sense in shaving at night if you’re just going to have a shadow again when the sun comes up). Beyond that, though, the morning shave will likely save you from unnecessary skin irritation. What happens here is that your pillow and sheets can hold residue from your skin from previous nights you’ve spent sleeping. Depending on how long it’s been since you’ve changed those sheets, you can irritate your freshly shaved skin during the night when you go to bed. Shaving in the morning makes this one less thing you’ll have to worry about, and lets you focus on attaining a masterful complexion.

So, with that in mind, how should you integrate your shave into your morning skin care routine? You’ll want to shave after you’ve cleansed your face with some Bevel Face Wash (to open up your pores and make the shave easier. Here’s a reminder of the 4-step Bevel Shave process, for those new to the system:

  • Start with Bevel Priming Oil
  • Apply Bevel Shave Cream
  • Shave with Bevel Safety Razor
  • Finish with Bevel Restoring Balm

With your shave finished, just follow up with Bevel Moisturizing Face Gel and your morning routine will be complete. This final step helps you recover whatever moisture your skin has lost during sleep and post-shave, and will provide the added bonuses of reducing irritation and shielding your skin from outdoor elements that might mess with your complexion.

Skin Care at Night

bevel shave skin care routineSince you took care of your shave in the morning, you’ll want to use the evening portion of your skin care routine to maximize the benefits for your skin, using Bevel Face Wash, Bevel Moisturizing Face Gel, and (if necessary) Bevel Exfoliating Toner/Spot Corrector. Similar to your morning routine, you’ll always want to start with your face wash and end with hydration to wash away excess oils and smooth out your complexion.

You’ll add Exfoliating Toner to your process twice a week, which is key for clearing out those clogged pores, removing dead skin, reducing the likelihood of ingrown hairs, and smoothing out your skin texture. And as for Spot Corrector, you’ll use it as needed to help you with hyperpigmentation issues and achieving a more even skin tone, which is particularly helpful if shaving irritation and acne have been giving you trouble.

To Sum It All Up…

bevel shave skin care routineRemember, when shaving, your morning skin care steps should be:

1. Face Wash (Face, Neck, and Beard)
2. Bevel Shave: Priming Oil, Shave Cream, Restoring Balm
3. Bevel Moisturizing Face Gel

In the evening, you’ll want to follow these steps:

1. Bevel Face Wash (Face and Neck)
2. Bevel Exfoliating Toner (twice weekly)
3. Bevel Spot Corrector (as needed)
4. Bevel Moisturizing Face Gel