Words by Corey Chalumeau
Photography by Jeremy Perez-Cruz

At some point, we all fall victim to wanting the long lasting benefits of healthy looking skin. But how many of us are actually willing to put in the work it takes to achieve it? Without fail, we do a ton of things on a daily basis to jeopardize it. From the smallest thing, like forgetting to wash the day away after clocking out of the nine to five, or failing to drink enough water. Yet the final nail in the coffin can also be exceeding our alcohol threshold.

Ever find yourself wondering when your usual tolerance for the occasional drink wavered? Over time, as our body adapts to the changes in our alcohol intake, so does our skin. But relax, no need to beat yourself up too much just yet. The easy, and maybe even quickest, solution may involve a few quick to-do’s and not-to-do’s when it comes to adapting a new approach. Ready for your best skin yet without compromising the occasional turn up? Read on!

Over Drinking

Drink on table amongst other drinks
We all love to go out and have a good time, but after a few too many cocktails, it’s pretty apparent we may be doing more harm than good (no matter how lit you feel). Need further confirmation? Check the mirror the next morning after exceeding that drink quota and notice a difference in skin coloration.

Here’s what happens after a few too many drinks:

1. Alcohol robs your body of Vitamin A – which is essential for cell renewal and turnover, which results in dry skin, and inflamed skin

2. Vital nutrient depletion leads to bloated and swelled skin

3. General dehydration – speeds up the ageing process, premature wrinkling

Recover Mode

Man reaching for glass of water
So how do you reduce the effects of the inevitable turn up?

1. Water. Water. And more Water. Hydrating with a bit of H2O can help counteract the dehydrating effects of alcohol consumption. Another tip! Try to incorporate a few ounces of water in between drinks to offset the morning hangover.

2. Choose light instead of dark. Most dark liquors (rum, brandy, whiskey) contain congeners – which are known toxins that increase the annoying effects of a hangover. The cure? Opt for the Ciroc over the Hennessey if you want to lessen the chance of getting a hangover.

3. Avoid the sugary stuff, we’re talking all those lovely mixtures you dig so much and go down extra smooth. Believe it or not, they’re the worst of the bunch due to high levels of sugar. Alcohol dehydrates and sugar messes with your blood levels, which can also have you overeating and breaking out (insulin levels become out of wack).

The biggest takeaway: Drink less, but still plan on having a good time. Because there’s no need to outdrink your personal best every time you go out.