How is it that skin blemishing starts doin’ the most during summertime? Might seem far fetched, but there’s a combination of not-so-good factors brought on by the summer heat that can send your skin into overdrive.

Here’s the simple science for y’all: Heat can cause your body’s sebaceous glands to increase its production of skin oils. When these oils mix with sweat (which you know you finna experience all dang summer), the combination can lead to clogged pores, acne breakouts, and the eventual scarring and blemishing that comes with them.

To top it off, nasty air pollutants (sorry, big city fam) and inconsistent skin cell regeneration (from overexposure to the sun) can add to the mix of pores clogging up. It’s a lot to contend with, but issa few simple steps you can take to keep your skin on-point when the temp starts rising up.

Commit to the Ritual

If you know you know: Proper diet. Ample sleep. Regular skin cleansing (AM and PM).

It’s easier said than done, but skip the junk food and limit the greasy summertime BBQ choices to a minimum. When you opt for healthier food choices, real recognizes real and your body rewards your skin as such.

And though a wise African-American poet once said, “Sleep is the cousin of death”, we’re nowadays embracing rest to the maximum by shooting for 7-8 hours of sleep every night. This will give your body more time to rejuvenate your skin, because if you end up losing out on that sleep time, your body’s production of cortisol, the stress hormone, increases (which can lead to more breakouts and blemishes).

Then there are the simple steps you can take throughout the day, like blotting sweat from your skin instead of wiping it across your face (the latter will irritate your skin more), and washing your clothes and towels regularly to keep them free of oily buildup.

Followed by a steady routine of cleansing and exfoliating your skin, this will also go a long way to clearing up your pores, removing dead skin cells, and giving you a much-improved shot at maintaining an even, unblemished skin complexion.


Equip Your Skin With The Secret Weapon

It’s possible to go even further by introducing a spot treatment into your skin care tool bag which will reduce the blemishing and hyperpigmentation associated with summer acne in the simplest way possible.

A key ingredient in reducing hyperpigmentation is subtle exfoliation, and an option like Bevel Spot Corrector uses lactic acid, one of the gentlest around, to help you hone in on specific problematic areas of the skin without causing irritation (super clutch for sensitive skin types). It also uses a combination of vitamin C, shea butter, and green tea extract, which work together to reduce discoloration, promote skin healing, and moisturize (without being greasy) to protect that melanin from the sunlight.

Too much of that sun can do a number on your skin in the summer, especially if you’ve got acne-prone skin, but taking all these tips into consideration, along with the proper skincare products in the arsenal, you can stay on top of your glow game all year long, mane.