What began as an organization seeking to provide equal opportunities in brotherhood and educational advancement for seven men at Cornell University has since grown into an organization that has created some of the most prominent African American figures in not only US history, but also world history.

After a century of building a excellence in image and reputation, it’s sometimes easy to place the brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha into expectations of styles and taste. While black and gold are the official colors of the fraternity, stylist Apuje Kalu, a member of Alpha Phi Alpha himself, worked to break Alpha Phi Alpha member Nate Holston out of the traditional and expected Alpha mold.


Homecoming means like a return to what made me who I am today.

“I feel like we can rock almost anything, but make it our own. We do a good job of treading the line of being preppy, but still being on trend. Earth tones are popular for the season and speak to the ‘Gold’ of Alpha Phi Alpha, so it was a fun play on colors here.

Nate went to Florida A&M where Homecoming can still be hot or it can be cold, so that’s why we went with layers. Instead of a tennis shoe, I went with a driving loafer to give him what I call our Alpha Swagger.” – Apuje Kalu, Stylist, Alpha Phi Alpha

“Being from California and going to school at Florida A&M, the highest of seven hills, changed my life. It changed the way I view things—my perspective. I became more cultured. I love homecoming.” -Nate Holston, Alpha Phi Alpha

My personal style ranges. It’s all about comfort. What ever makes me
comfortable. I feel like everyday, I have to put on a costume and those costumes tell a story. It might tell you that I’m chillin today or it might tell you that I’m about business. Or it might tell you that I’m dressed with a purpose. It just depends on how I wake up. I just gotta make sure that I feel good. If I feel good, I look good.

When it comes to my hair, I just like to keep a nice clean fade with a nice sharp edge then just mess up the rest of it. ‘Ordered chaos’ is what I like to call it.” -Nate Holston, Alpha Phi Alpha

Greek: Nate Holston (Alpha Phi Alpha)
Photos by Elton Anderson (Alpha Phi Alpha)
Styling by Apuje Kalu (Alpha Phi Alpha)
Barbering by Raphae’l Thompson