Presenting the Bevel // Brotherhood, a grooming and style guide celebrating the culture and community of Black Greek Fraternities.

Individually, the Black Greek Fraternities of Alpha Phi Alpha, Kappa Alpha Psi, Omega Psi Phi, Phi Beta Sigma and Iota Phi Theta are steeped in their respective traditions and rituals. Homecoming, however, is the annual opportunity for each of these fraternities to come together in a shared celebration.

While each of these fraternities is rooted in history, through the Bevel // Brotherhood we explore the evolution of style while remaining true to the ideals of black excellence these cultural entities were founded to cultivate.

We selected one member from each fraternity and asked them to share their stories and of brotherhood and homecoming. Our Bevel Code stylist and barber focused on grooming an evolved image of the men they have become since their college days on the yard.

A departure from preconceived perceptions

“Traditionally, people look at a certain fraternity and associate a certain look or vibe with it. However, over the years each fraternity has diversified and has evolved to a point where there isn’t really one particular look. The core of the person is the same, but the look may not be what you expect.

I wanted to show that an Omega can dress up and wear a tie. Or an Alpha can rock a t-shirt and still be fly instead of playing into the stereotypes of a bowtie.” -Apuje Kalu, Stylist (Alpha Phi Alpha)

“From a photography perspective, my goal was to showcase individuality as well as encompass the brotherhood the fraternities represent together.” -Elton Anderson, Photographer (Alpha Phi Alpha)

Over the next three weeks for the duration of homecoming season, join us on this Bevel//Brotherhood journey of grooming culture and style as we share the stories of these brothers. Be sure to follow along on our @Bevel social media.

Greeks: Jody Jacobs (Kappa Alpha Psi), Leo Breckenridge (Iota Phi Theta), Nate Holston (Alpha Phi Alpha), John Wallace (Phi Beta Sigma), and Cyrah Hawkins (Omega Psi Phi)
Photos by Elton Anderson (Alpha Phi Alpha)
Styling by Apuje Kalu (Alpha Phi Alpha)
Barbering by Raphae’l Thompson
Words by Cassidy Blackwell
Film by Creative Debut