Born on Howard’s campus in 1911, Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Incorporated continues to uphold the principles of manhood, scholarship and perseverance to this day.

For over 100 years, the brothers of Omega Psi Phi have proudly borne their colors of royal purple and old gold. The Ques, as they are commonly known as, have become known for their vibrant displays of stepping as much as the prominent personalities to come out of their chapters.

“Traditionally, people look at certain fraternities and associate a certain look with it,” explains Stylist Apuje Kalu. “And when it comes to the Omegas, people generally think of two different types of guys. ‘The Que Dog’ is known as being more ostentations while ‘The Omega Man’ is more refined. So with this look I wanted to do a hybrid of both and combines athletic, casual and dressed up styles.

“Button downs and ties are a classically preppy combo, but I dressed the look down by layering a henley on top. Joggers are on trend, and this pair from J. Crew is especially easy to dress both ways. Ques do a lot of hopping, and I wanted this outfit to be functional, so I gave him a tennis shoe to add a pop of color and give him something to hop in. Finally, this double breasted coat is a refining element to balance the entire outfit.”

My fraternity puts us all on the same level. I have brothers all over the Earth.

“To me, homecoming is a sense of pride. It’s a going back to your roots, where you came from. A lot of people graduate college and they go on. Life happens. But when you go back to homecoming, you go back to what started it off.” -Cyrah Hawkins, Omega Psi Phi

“When I think about my personal style, well its that I’m free. I practice it a lot in my acting classes: just being free. You can go as far as you want in life if you don’t have any restrictions. That’s how I like to live.

I like wearing my hair a little bit more out. It’s also like that free look. So when it comes to a barber, I look for somebody that’s gonna make me feel comfortable. I would pay a hundred dollars for a haircut if a barber made me feel like I’m gonna walk into his shop or his store and it’s gonna be A+ star
treatment. I don’t care who you are, every single man on earth comes out of the shop with that ‘feeling’. A good clean haircut and a barber that can make you feel better than when you came in, that’s what I look for.” – Cyrah Hawkins, Omega Psi Phi

Greek: Cyrah Hawkins (Omega Psi Phi)
Photos by Elton Anderson (Alpha Phi Alpha)
Styling by Apuje Kalu (Alpha Phi Alpha)
Barbering by Raphae’l Thompson
Words by Cassidy Blackwell
Film by Creative Debut