Words and photography by Aundre Larrow

Welcome to our It’s A Good Look Series, your weekly glimpse into the codes the everyday guy lives by.

Whether it’s grooming, fashion or in life; these are just a few of the qualities that define our culture. That’s the goal of our features section; to shine a light on the attainability of any lifestyle through hard work and discipline. In the end, these codes are meant to inspire you to be your best self and give you a bit of inspiration for the weekend.

Every Bevel Man Has A Code.
Maintain promises.

Support local business.
Don’t bite off more than you can chew.

Bevel Code: What or who inspires your style?

Aaron: There are a myriad of things that have inspired my style. Being born and raised in Brooklyn, New York I’m definitely influenced by Hip Hop culture, GQ Magazine, groups of the 60’s – 80’s, like The Temptations, movies like Harlem Nights and Coming to America. But of course, my parents are my first, and most important influencers. My mother was always so coordinated, color blocked, and well put together. Whereas my dad was very carefree in how he expressed himself in clothing; putting random things together and creating great looks! Looks from back in the 70s and 80s that I still have have photos of. Looks that I still draw inspiration from until this day. My parents, my dad especially, always encouraged me to dress however I felt comfortable.

BC:What are your fashion rules?

Aaron: What I’ve learned over the years, especially when it comes to fashion, is that rules suppress your creativity; and fashion is all about creativity. Fashion is about what you want to give, about what you want to express. As long as you are confident, there should be nothing that suppresses your expression through fashion. The only rule I’d say I have is to never wear something that I’m not confident in.

BC: How does your job affect your fashion?

Aaron: The first job I had that really impacted my fashion was a retail position at Urban Outfitters (UO) in Soho almost 10 years ago. Working at UO exposed me to a variety of urban, street wear brands and the term “fashionista.” Working in Soho itself exposed me to so many fashion brands, houses, different styles of clothing, and the most fashionable people I’ve ever seen. That period in my life definitely represents the beginning of my love for style and fashion.


BC: Why this haircut?

Aaron: At the beginning of the summer I transitioned from the “Beard Gang” to a simple goatee. After sporting a fairly lengthy beard for a while I wanted to switch it up and go for a cleaner, more refined look. I believe in switching up my look every so often. I like the unpredictability of the switch up.

BC: What does NYC mean to you? How do you feel when you are there?

Aaron: Anytime I travel, regardless of where I go, I’m always ready to come home. NYC is home. It’s where the heart is. When I’m in NYC I feel free.

BC: Why is self expression important?

Aaron: Self expression is important because it allows you not to internalize things, but rather to communicate your feelings, thoughts, and ideas through differing platforms.

BC: What gives you a sense of pride?

Aaron: In this period of my life I’ve just been believing in myself and pursuing my dreams, goals, and aspirations without qualm. What gives me the most sense of pride is writing and creating my own original music, which has been something I’ve devoted a lot of time to. I can’t wait until that moment when I can finally release my work.

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BC: How does professionalism work with your style and cut?

Aaron : I like to think of my style as classic, simple, clean, and refined. The cut of my clothing reflects that, so does my hair cut (even when I decide to adorn a lengthy beard). This works perfect with professionalism because regardless of where I’m going, I always present myself well.

BC: What are your wardrobe must haves?

Aaron: My wardrobe must haves are:

  1.  A classic pair of wingtip oxfords
  2. Levi’s 511s or 510s (skinny jeans)
  3.  A crisp white collared shirt

BC: How do professionalism and fashion compliment each other?

Aaron: This question takes me back to my days working for MTA NYCT. As a conductor, I was required to wear a uniform. However, remaining true to who I am, I took my uniform to my tailor, as I do the majority of my clothing, and got it tailored to fit me. I believe that “fit” is one of the most important parts to style and fashion. So regardless of your professional work environment, you can still hold true to your style and fashion while maintaining the confines of your professional dress code.

BC: Is there such a thing as over dressing?

Aaron: There’s no such thing as overdressing. It’s all about how you’re feeling and what you want to express. It’s up to you to decide to show up dressed for the occasion; tastefully, of course.

BC: With winter coming up, what are some of your mainstays?

Aaron: I love an oversized scarf! One that literally looks like I’m walking around with a blanket around my neck! I enjoy overcoats & trench coats, ones that I can dress up and dress down! Last but not least, living in NYC, it’s imperative that I have a great pair of boots to get me through the snow storms that we normally have.


BC: How many hats do you own?

Aaron: Being bald for three years now, I’ve realized that I’m usually the first one hot and the first one cold. That being so, I’ve started acquiring quite an array of hats. I currently own 3 snap backs, 3 fitted caps (baseball caps), 1 straw fedora, 3 wool felt fedoras, 2 boaters, 1 Gatsby (8 panel), 2 porkpie, 1 rabbit hair felt, and an assortment of beanies (watch caps). A hat for every occasion.